Amazing Lego Stratosphere Jump (Felix Baumgartner’s remake)

Felix Baumgartner space free fallWatch the amazing Redbull stratos stratosphere jump made by Australian Dare-devil - Felix Baumgartner - where he free fell from space landing with a parachute. Lego has a quite interesting remake of this awesome record breaker. Check it out below. Here's a partial view of the astronomical jump by Felix. Read more [...]

Felix Baumgartner breaks YouTube and sound barriers

Felix Baumgartner space free fallAs expected, Australian dare-devil - Felix Baumgarter - has broken the Youtube's record as the most viewed audio (not forgetting he broke the speed of sound :)) [via - TR] Felix Baumgartner breaks YouTube and sound barriers As part of the Red Bull Stratos mission, Felix Baumgartner broke at least three world records today when he free-fell from the edge of the stratosphere back down to earth with nothing but a suit and a chute. First, he broke the record for highest jump from a platform at Read more [...]

Top Ideas For Your iPhone Background

iPhone background - magicTop ideas to get you that sparkling background for your iPhone Top Ideas For Your iPhone Background iPhones aren’t famous for their customization options, and when you compare them to Androids they lack the same kind of personalization features. For this reason it’s important to make sure you think carefully about the personalization that is available and that you choose a great background that will communicate to everyone that this is your device, and that will make you smile when Read more [...]

10 Must Have Freeware Softwares For Your PC

10 best software for PCThis would cover our 10 most important PC freeware softwares everyone who owns a PC should have. For those who just got a new PC or you're looking to pimp an old one with the best freeware software to give you desired results, then this post is for you. Like I said earlier, I think (in my own opinion), this post would be useful for both newbies and intending computer geeks who are starting out in the computer/PC world. 10 Must Have PC freeware (software) N.B:This list is written in NO particular Read more [...]

4 Gadgets You’ll Need If You Want To Work From The Library

Rainbow of Books - 4 gadgets you needWhen you work from home it can get a little boring. If the kids are in school and the wife's at work you have to spend the whole day by yourself. It's easy enough to call someone on Skype, but it's definitely not the same as having other people around you. Stay at home by yourself for too long and you'll start to go a little crazy. That's why the library is always a great place to hang out. You get free Internet and it's guaranteed to be quiet. The great thing about using the library as an office Read more [...]

BBC launches New iPlayer App exclusively for UK users

BBC iplayer radio appAll new iPlayer Radio app for UK users launched... [via - TR] BBC launches New iPlayer App exclusively for UK users The BBC has launched a new site and app for online access to BBC Radio stations and "listen again" on-demand content. This isn't a ground-breaking development, but at least it will mean more consistency for the BBC's stations online. There will be a new worldwide homepage at, plus a new app for phones and tablets that enables on-the-move listening and includes Read more [...]

Google Doodles for Niels Bohr’s 127th Birthday

Google_Niels_Bohr_doodleAgain Google remembers another great Physicist who hekped shaped todays science - Niels Bohr Google Doodles for Niels Bohr 127th Birthday Visiting Google's homepage this morning would show you a pretty cool doddle for one of the greatest physicists - Niel Bohr. Niel Bohr Niels Henrik David Bohr was born in Copenhagen on October 7, 1885, as the son of Christian Bohr, Professor of Physiology at Copenhagen University, and his wife Ellen, née Adler. Niels, together with his younger brother Harald Read more [...]

Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note breaks Samsung Profit Record

Samsung gAlaxy s3 gets sammy richerAll thanks to the best smartphone of the year - Galaxy S3 - and Samsung's Galaxy Note, Sammy records a profit breaking session! - [via - TechRadar] Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note breaks Samsung Profit Record Good times over at Samsung HQ where record profits for the company have just been confirmed; its mobile phone business raked in 93% more for the three months ending in September 2012 than a year ago. The dazzling company figures come in at 8.10 trillion won operating profit (that's around Read more [...]

Facebook Harnesses 1Billion active Users

Facebook 1billion usersThanks to you, me and all of you all - Facebook's hit it's 1billion active users milestone! Facebook Harnesses 1Billion active Users Facebook has officially reached one billion active users, Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced. “This morning, there are more than one billion people using Facebook actively each month. If you’re reading this: thank you for giving me and my little team the honor of serving you. Helping a billion people connect is amazing, humbling Read more [...]

Recover Your Stolen Android Phone With Kaspersky’s mobile security app

Kapersky Android security appNot just recover the stolen phone, you could as well get to find out who the culprit is with a - mugshot image of the thief - [via - Mashable] Recover Your Stolen Android Phone With Kaspersky’s mobile security app The cool thing about the app is - it runs on background check on your Android phone and captures pictures of its surroundings which it sends you. This is achieved through a 'web-based' control center for the app, whereby users can choose to activate a "mugshot" feature which accesses Read more [...]