The iPhone 6S: Whats So Different About It?


This go round Apple has decided to go back to it’s roots. Apple has decided that the iPhone 6s should have an all aluminum back with rounded edges. A design we haven’t seen with Apple since 2007. In my humble opinion it was much needed as aluminum doesn’t scratch easily and is very simple to and easy to keep clean. Also Apple has decided to stick with phone sizes 4 inches and below to improve us-ably. Something we didn’t see in the iPhone 6+.

3D Touch

Multi-touch has been a feature that has around since 2007 when the first iPhone came out. It was the ability to pitch the screen with two fingers and zoom in or out. After that is has been a feature in every smart phone built ever since. With 3D Touch pushing rapidly but firmly into the home-screen now causes a new stylish transparent menu to appear over that icon, letting you select between various choices. These let you jump directly into the section of the app you want from the home-screen itself. But this is just the beginning, and relatively boring compared to what 3D Touch allows for inside of apps.

Touch ID

Apple presented their unique fingerprint reader when the iPhone 5S came out in 2013. Rather than requiring a four or more digit password to enter the phone, TouchID allowed Apple to coordinate a unique fingerprint scanner into the home button—permitting you to wake your gadget and enter it with only one tap. A large number of the competitors like Samsung’s most recent phones have made up for lost time and added unique fingerprint sensors to their telephones also. The iPhone 6S one-ups the opposition by making it almost instant.

Hey Siri

The iPhone 6S utilizes improvements to Apple’s M9 processor to keep the gadget continually listening for the expression “Hey Siri,” so you no longer need to long press the home button on your new iPhone to get to Apple’s computerized aide. “Hey Siri” is likewise accessible to more established iPhone clients when their device has been upgraded to iOS 9 and remain plugged in via a charging cord. So now won’t all iPhones sound off when somebody says “Hey Siri” in crowd? Short answer is “NO”, iOS 9 suggest you to “train” Siri to recognize your voice.


The iPhone 6S now includes an 12 megapixel camera. A step up from the 8 megapixel camera in the iPhone 6. Also the front facing camera has been upgraded to 5 megapixels from 1.2 in the iPhone 6.

iOS 9

There are numerous new elements that come standard with iOS now in the most recent upgrade called iOS 9. To such an extent that it’s verging on meriting its own post which I may give later on. However, there a couple of new features here that significantly influence buying the new iPhone 6S.

For starers the App Switcher 3D Touch Gesture and Live Photos are 6S-specific iOS 9 features. They have even included a “Back To” your previous app feature as well “which was much needed in my option”.


The iPhone 6S like all other iPhones that came before it aren’t cheap. The phones starts at $650 USD but Apple does make it affordable for most people by offering The Apple Upgrade Program. A program that lets you get the newest iPhone for $32 a month. It comes with AppleCare (usually costs $130 on its own), the gadget is opened and clients can move up to the new iPhone every year in the event that they give back the past one. Some may lean toward their bearers renting projects or purchasing the telephone out and out. In spite of the fact that it could be financially savvy for Apple clients who know which telephone they are moving up to every year.

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