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Jumia Black Friday and Konga Yataka 2015 Deals And What To Expect

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Jumia Black Friday

Welcome to 2015! Well, we are still in 2015 even if it’s just a few weeks to the end of the year, anyways, it’s that time of the year when everyone is busy running around looking for the best Black Friday deals and what have you. Africa’s e-commerce giants Jumia and Konga will once again thrill shoppers with superb shopping deals and lots of great discounts.
Konga Yakata
Konga has so far started the black Friday sales today 26th November with some great deals but not as great as we would love them to be :) Konga black Friday event tagged Konga Yakata will see some new phones unleashed like the Alcatel OneTouch Pop amongst others. There are also some great items currently on sale in the Yakata sales, items such as DVDs, smartphones, TVs, home equipment received some cool price slashes, other items such as Fashion accessories received discounts up to 60%.

To ensure you don’t miss out on your dream item, head over to the Konga Yakata page, as items with reduced ‘Yakata’ prices will be sold solely on the dedicated page which you can access here (Konga.com/Yakata. The deals will last till tomorrow, and there will be some great flash sale products with super slashed prices, so be ready and be fast!.

Jumia Black Friday
Jumia Black Friday on the other hand will start tomorrow, maybe around midnight or maybe mid morning. One thing however is sure, Jumia Black Friday will be crazy! There will be infinix hot 2 at half price, Innjoo Halo at half price, PlayStation 4 at 45% off and lots of other super mouth watering deals. As is customary for Jumia, expect flash sales.

Flash sales depict little inventory and plenty buyers, so you definitely have to be on high alert if you want to cup anything from tomorrow sales. So far, I see Jumia have set the whole stage ready and ready to shut down the Nigerian internet once more with super fantastic deals come 27th of November on it’s most talked about Black friday shopping spree!. Don’t miss out, head over to Jumia Black Friday exclusive page to stay updated.

Jumia Kenya is also having the Black Friday sales which you can find on this page (Jumia Black Friday Kenya) and it promises to be super fun for shoppers!. Toshiba 7″ tablet would go for Ksh 5,000 against it’s original KSh12,000 price tag, Skyworth LED 32″ TV for just KSh10,000 instead of it’s orginal KSh 26,000 price tag and many more deals. Don’t miss it Kenyans! Visit Jumia Kenya Black Friday Page now!.

Full List Of iTel Smartphones & Tablets (itel Prime, itel Grand, it 1404, Others)

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iTel mobile is no doubt a fan favorite in Africa, though I used to advise against patronizing the OEM of most of their devices, users seem to “not give a f**k what I think, and go ahead and buy their products (a few do come back to lay complaints about the device, which most times, I tend to ignore :) ).

In any case, since my dear readers love the itel brand, I would do my best to reduce the scatting articles on their products (but I plead with them to also improve the standards and specs of their devices, after, if the product is good, I won’t write bad about it – see my article on itel it1701 inote prime)

iTel mobile smartphones, prices and where to buy

There are quite a number of itel devices floating around, the popular ones being the itel beyond 3G and the itel grand. The new tablet on the block itel prime is also doing good for itself, and has sold out on Jumia Nigeria (still available to Kenyans and Ghanians) but still available on Konga if you would want to own one.

Here’s the current itel smartphones you snag if you are an itel lover.
Itel IT 1501 (itel inote Grand): The itel inote grand is the first itel Grand device. Features a superb IPS HD 5.0 inches screen, runs on Google’s Kitkat 4.4 OS. A rather small RAM of 512MB but a manageable ROM of 4gig. The device is a dual sim smartphone and it supports multi touch as well. It features an 8mp shooter as it’s primary camera (back camera) with LED flash light and auto focus. The front is adorned with 3mp front camera for your Skype and video calls and selfies. Priced anywhere from 15,000 – 20,000 Naira, the device is a hot seller on Konga with most sellers already out of stock. Want to own it? [BUY NOW]

Itel IT 1502 (itel inote Grand II): The grand tablet of itel with model 1502 is still hotly selling in Nigeria and Africa. With 1GB of RAM, 8GB of ROM and a quad-core CPU, itel did put in their all to see the tablet wasn’t a kill joy. Featuring Android 4.4 KitKat OS, and 3G high-speed internet, if you are looking for a somewhat cool Chinese tab to see you thru your daily ramblings, the 7.0″ itel Grand 2 is just right for you then. Priced anywhere from 18,000 – 25,000 Naira if you get to see it, as the device is almost depleted as well. Want to own it? [BUY NOW]

Itel 1452 Smartphone: itel it1452 is a low-budget, low specs device from itel. The device features a single core CPU, Android 4.4, 512MB RAM, 4GB ROM amongst others. If it interests you, you could get it for around 13,000 – 16,000 Naira. Want to own it? [BUY NOW]

Itel 1453 Smartphone: Same specs with the it 1452, with the addition of 3G high speed internet. [BUY NOW]

Itel 1403 Smartphone: Probably the bunch, with a RAM of 256MB and a ROM of 2GB, this 4.0′ smartphone isn’t the best you would find, but at it’s price range of 7,500 – 12,000. I guess you could pick one up and gift it to your 5 year-old child or something. [BUY NOW]

itel it1701 inote prime: Probably the most worked on device from itel stables, this 7.0″ tablet is my favorite from the Chinese OEM. Boasts a Quad-core CPU, android 4.4 Kitkat OS, 3G fast internet, Bluetooth 4.0, crazy 8.0MP rear camera and a 5.0MP camera in front, all for a miserly amount (around 17,000 – 20,000Naira). The device is so good it’s sold out on Jumia!, However, if you still want to own the tab, 3rd party sellers are retailing. [BUY NOW]

ITel it503 Comes Forth, With Unflattery Specs

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Itel have so far released a ton of devices, a vast majority of these devices are usually DOA (Dead on Arrival) and tend to not impress the masses. One of such devices is was the itel it1450 which came as an Edge only device when most smartphones were scraping Edge only devices. Another of such device is the new comer itel it1503.

Let’s talk about the company Itel Mobile for a bit.
Itel mobile maybe a sub-company of Tecno mobile, Nigeria’s largest mobile heartthrob, but they tend to get it all wrong in their fleet of smartphone releases. Tecno may not be the best of smartphone producers, but they have so far tactfully stolen the hearts of a vast majority of Nigeria’s mobile users. Itel mobile on the other hand have lost (any) grip they have on technology craving folks in Africa’s biggest market.

Well, the sub-Tecno’s latest (one of…) offerings dubbed itel it1503 is a far shot from what we were expecting. The device though a Quad-core CPU device, running on a mediatek processor, still features a medieval 512MB RAM which doubtfully will hold-up the device for much. So you should expect lagging and over-heating.


But to make up for the feeble mistake, itel were kind enough to let you have 8GB of ROM to store away your worries. You also get to have a taste of Kitkat 4.4 Android OS, but don’t ever dream of upgrading though as it’s never happening.

I don’t know, but it seems a few people have taken a liking to the mediocre products itel is offering, if you are one of them, you are in luck! The itel it1503 is currently hot selling online with stocks getting depleted before you say what?! You can checkout and buy the it1503 and/or the whole lot of itel phones on Konga [BUY NOW]