Selfie Craze! Man Takes Selfie With Rattle Snake, Gets Life-Threatening Venom

So it’s the period of sporadic evolution of tech, and Selfies are among the top things in vogue now. We’ve seen the advent of selfie sticks to aid that perfect selfies, we’ve seen folks posing with selfie hands, guns and all sorts to make that perfect selfie, however, what we haven’t seen until just recently is someone posing with a wild, poisonous snake.
rattle snake
San Diego’s Todd Fassler wasn’t so keen on taking that perfect selfie with a cat or a dog, so he settled for his ‘pet’ – a rattlesnake he found in the bushes over a year ago, and apparently decided to keep it as a pet.

The said pet wasn’t feeling the selfie union and opted to give Mr Fassler a dose of it’s super poisonous venom. Thankfully, Mr Fassler was rushed to an area hospital where doctors had to use all of the anti-venom stored at two hospitals in order for Fassler to recover.

Fassler recently released the snake into the wild. And while he might not have been able to take a selfie that would have helped him remember his pet forever, at least he does have something that will always bring back the memory of his snake. That is the $153,161.25 hospital bill he incurred for a five-day stay.

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