How I Saved Some Extra Money Buying On

Tags: is a free classified site where buyers and sellers interact and of-course trade goods and services for cash. Their range of goods offered includes anything from cloth articles to gadgets and smartphones. Being someone that really loved to get my stuff good and yet cheap, you wouldn’t blame me for checking out a free classified site, would you? LOL.

It so happened I needed to upgrade from my 3year-old Tecno N3, and was looking for a ‘not-expensive’ Android-phone with a fairly wide screen, faster internet surfing allowance and a bigger memory capacity. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to find my given phone for my budget of 30’000 naira (I could get another Tecno or an other OEM, but I needed a known brand this time).

A ‘geeky’ new Samsung or LG price starts at 40’000 in official shops, but I don’t need all these accessories, warranties, after all, I had a droid earlier with same accessories, and was going to really ‘enter’ the device once I got it, start rooting, voiding warranties, you know the drill :)

Anyways, seeing I couldn’t cough out around 40,000 Naira just yet for a phone, when I had other pressing investments to run with, I started to look for my new device on the Internet, luckily, I found JiJi – the board of free ads. You can buy here even without registration, filling profile or confirming your person by means of phone number. Of course you can do it, but it’s not necessarily.
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In 10 minutes I’ve seen the required model in the category of JiJi mobile phones – LG Leon only for 25’000 naira and the seller was from my city. I’ve called him but there was no answer and I continued searching. I few minutes seller redialed me and told about the phone – Android OS, Screen size 4.5 inches and Wi-fi connection. We agreed to meet the same evening, check the phone and I promised to buy if it corresponds the description.

Of course I bought it! Phone is practically new and was in use only for a month. I’m totally satisfied with my purchase on Jiji – no complications and the prices are much lower than in real stores. Also there are no risks to be cheated if to keep some simple rules – don’t send money in advance, check the goods before you buy, do not tell anybody your credit card information. I saved some extra chunk of money buying on Jiji and you can do the same too.

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