Nintendo President And Programming Maestro Satoru Iwata Dies At 55

Satoru Iwata who became Nintendo’s president in 2002 has died on July 11, 2015 following a bile duct growth. The shocking news of the death of President Satoru Iwata to gaming lovers especially Nintendo and Pokemon was announced by Nintendo.

Mr Satoru Iwata had last year gone for the removeable of the bile duct growth, which according to his statement gave us a little hope, which is why his death is coming as a serious shocker. After his surgery last year, President Iwata issued a statement saying that “it is said that a bile duct growth can be difficult-to-treat, partly because of the difficulty of detecting it early. In my case, luckily, it was detected very early and I had no symptoms”.

Satoru Iwata
Iwata began his career in 1983, where he took on a role as a software coordinator at HAL Laboratory, eventually becoming HAL President in 1993, and joining Nintendo in 2000.

Nintendo has announced that Shigeru Miyamoto and Genya Takeda will continue to serve as Nintendo’s representative directors.

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