MTN Introduces 100Naira For 100MB Bundle

In a bid to get viewers to never miss the ever hot musical event proudly powered by MTN (Project Fame West Africa), the telecomms giant have launched a crazy bundle which would serve just right, and is valid for 7days. The bundle called MTN Project fame bundle gives you 100MB for 7days surfing.

To get this crazy offer, simply text/SMS PFW to 131. You can also check your data bundle by texting PFB to 131. If you are a project fame addict and would love to keep tab of the musical journey, then simply logon to The 100mb would give you a good quality minutes of streaming. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “MTN Introduces 100Naira For 100MB Bundle

  1. Wale Rolak

    What a fantastic data plan. Kudos to MTN on Project Fame…. A crucial question, please can I use the 100MB for surfing the internet irrespective of the social media apps? Can it also be used for downloading?

    1. Techie Post author

      I am sure that there are no restrictions on how you use the internet. However I would not use it for downloading unless it is a small file you are downloading.

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