Konga Raps Up Daily Deals With 50% Off All Deals [Today Only]

Guys, today is the last day of purchases in Konga’s on-going daily deals which we told you about weeks ago. Today is a one-time offering giving you opportunity to get any product on the daily-deals page at a whooping 50% off.
Konga daily deals final day

This means you can get those mobile phones, laptops, television sets, air conditioners, refrigerators and much more at almost half the price! What better way to wrap up the exciting month of June.
Konga daily deals final day
So do not be left out of this massive sale! Grab your cars and begin to shop because this offer is available today and today only. Whether it’s a TV set you’ve been meaning to replace, a laptop for a loved one, or general merchandise for home and office use take advantage of the Daily Deals one day only sale to buy everything at almost half the price. Hurry because these products will disappear very quickly. To be part of the daily deals sales on the 1st of July, 2015 click here.

Nationwide delivery and free shipping apply on these products, Start Shopping in the daily deals page

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