Konga Unleashes Daily Overdrive With Huge Discounts

Shop Konga is at it again with daily overdrive. The new promotion follows the previously launched, but now ended hugely popular Daily Deals Promotion, which saw goods getting discounted to the teeth!.
Konga Daily Overdrive
The new daily overdrive deal on Konga is only for a limited 11days, starting from the 20th of July and ending on the 31st of July, so we dare say it’s an awesome way to end a splendid month of July. Goods in the overdrive promotion would see some really mouth watering discounts and huge savings for your wallet/bank account, thus you wouldn’t have to break the bank to get that device or gadget or even home appliance you’ve been eyeing.

The principle is simple, everyday comes with a new deal with discounted price (just like the daily deals). So, if you miss out on a great deal today, you most definitely may not be seeing an exact replica of that deal, but you would be given an opportunity to make up for it with a wide assortment of other great deals!

Best of all is, Konga are offering free shipping to select goods ordered in the promo. Why don’t you get shopping! Browse through the Overdrive deals on Konga here. Happy discounted shopping! And Happy 3rd Birthday Konga!

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