Konga Daily Deals Offer Quite Some Discounts On Top Brands Products

If you are an avid shopper and would love to get a few discounts off products and of course you pay on delivery, then you should consider pitching your tent with Konga’s daily deals which would see prices of top products drop considerably, though it is not as hefty as last year’s Fall Yakata promo, you get some very interesting deals daily.

Our daily picks so far include the Blackberry Q10 with a 5,200mAh power-bank worth 50,000Naira is listed as 41,400Naira at 17% off, also a Samsung 32″ Inch LED TV | 32H4100 which is originally worth 56,800 is now selling for just 47,000 Naira at 17% off. There a ton of other devices, appliances, chest freezers, split unit ACs, and game consoles, game pads and game discs all receiving various degrees of price slash, including the recently released Mortal Kombat X worth 17,000 Naira listed as just 12,000Naira. Fashion items and accessories are also covered in the daily deals.

The daily deals offered by Konga seeks to help shoppers get quite a number of goodies at a little lower than their original pricing.

If you are a shopaholic or now someone who is, best you refer the person to take advantage of daily deals on Konga to get latest trendy stuffs at a fraction lower than it’s original pricing. Deals are updated daily, so our pick may not be valid tomorrow, and / or today if stocks get depleted (as they would) before the day runs out.

To partake in the daily deals shopping, visit the konga daily deals page. Happy shopping!

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