Customized Apple iPhone 6s Goes On Pre-order Starting At $7,995

Ofcourse we know Apple would be releasing the latest additions to it’s iPhone base sometime this year, as is customary for the Cupertino based tech giant. However, the iPhones which are expected to be called iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are yet to surface.

Unreleased, released pre-order… Meh


Though the two expected devices are no where to be found on Apple listings, a company that’s into adding luxury to Apple’s devices has started taking down pre-orders for the customized flagship when released.

The customizations are always outbound as you expect, the innards are still the regular innards, processors and all. The company – Brikk is offering you blinged-up iPhone 6s unit starting at about $7,995, and going all the way up to a mind-blowing $199,995.

The cheapest model is the iPhone 6s Lux, made with two layers of pure 24k yellow gold, 18k pink gold, or 950 platinum.

At the other end of the scale sits the iPhone 6s Plus Diamond Omni, which is coated with the same options as the cheapest option, but adds in diamonds. Lots of diamonds, making for a total of 53 carats.

Brikk says it will start shipping the pre-ordered devices around 4 to 6 weeks after Apple is going to release the standard, non-gold plated iPhone 6s duo. You can pre-order either by paying in full or by shelling out a non-refundable deposit that goes from $2,500 to $25,000 depending on which product you choose.

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