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Before you purchase that 4G cell phone from abroad, Here’s a rundown of 4G LTE support groups in Uganda

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We should begin by saying that when you purchase a cell phone from abroad that has 4G LTE groups not bolstered in Uganda, you won’t have the capacity to get 4G speeds by any stretch of the imagination.

I am mindful that a decent rate of Ugandans decide to purchase cell phones and tablets from around the globe particularly when they travel. Individuals purchase telephones in the US, UK, China, India, Dubai among others. With internet shopping made simpler, it’s likewise conceivable to purchase a gadget from the solace of your home and get it conveyed to you whether it’s from Alibaba, Ebay or Amazon.

A challenges’ percentage with this is that you may purchase a nation particular gadget that was made to best capacity in a specific district and not the other. An excellent case is with 4G LTE gadgets.

At the point when purchasing a cell phone and you are occupied with the way that it has 4G LTE speeds, you need to be aware of what 4G LTE groups it bolsters. Numerous nations have distinctive groups that will just work in that nation and not another. Sadly it’s as of now unrealistic (or down to earth) to fit each of the 4G LTE groups into one cell phone that would work impeccably all over you go on the planet. Therefore, varieties of the same cell phone are made to suit diverse markets.

For instance the Samsung Galaxy S6 made for Europe is not quite the same as the one made for Africa and on the off chance that you purchased it, it may work in every single other perspective yet not it’s 4G LTE. It most likely will have the capacity to get amazing 3G speeds however not 4G in light of the fact that the groups it uses aren’t bolstered in Uganda. So when purchasing a cell phone be aware of what 4G LTE groups it underpins.

Nintendo President And Programming Maestro Satoru Iwata Dies At 55

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Satoru Iwata

Satoru Iwata who became Nintendo’s president in 2002 has died on July 11, 2015 following a bile duct growth. The shocking news of the death of President Satoru Iwata to gaming lovers especially Nintendo and Pokemon was announced by Nintendo.

Mr Satoru Iwata had last year gone for the removeable of the bile duct growth, which according to his statement gave us a little hope, which is why his death is coming as a serious shocker. After his surgery last year, President Iwata issued a statement saying that “it is said that a bile duct growth can be difficult-to-treat, partly because of the difficulty of detecting it early. In my case, luckily, it was detected very early and I had no symptoms”.

Satoru Iwata
Iwata began his career in 1983, where he took on a role as a software coordinator at HAL Laboratory, eventually becoming HAL President in 1993, and joining Nintendo in 2000.

Nintendo has announced that Shigeru Miyamoto and Genya Takeda will continue to serve as Nintendo’s representative directors.

Microsoft Xbox One With 1TB Storage Space Coming Soon

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Microsoft have taken the lid of it’s latest offering of the Xbox One, which is a bigger storage space on the next-gen console to the tune of a whooping 1 terabyte (1TB)!. The news is coming just days after ‘birds’ at Amazon leaked details of a coming enhanced Xbox one.

The new gaming console was expected to be announced officially at the huge Gaming expo – E3 2015 beginning next week, but it seems Microsoft has other plans.

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1TB Xbox One Console

Xbox One For Storage

Microsoft boasts that their next-gen Xbox one is a better alternative if memory is what you seek. The Xbox One now “offers the most choice when it comes to storage option”, according to the Redmond, Washington-based company. This claim is backed up with provision of an external USB 3.0 drive to make further storage space expansion possible. Adding that the rationale behind the enhanced storage is from feedback from users, in essence, they are more attentive to users than their rivals.

Enhanced Wireless Controller (Wireless Pad)

The modified matte finish xbox one isn’t the only one getting modifications it would seem. The controller of the next-gen console has a few updates in it too. Clad in black, the new 1TB Xbox one controller has a 3.5mm stereo headset jack to enable users plug in their favourite gaming headset for a more pleasurable experience. The headset jack gives you the freedom to use third-party headsets, if you are not taking a liking to the one included.

Microsoft says it has further fine-tuned the quality of audio produced by the controller in response to feedback received from fans. All existing controller accessories for the Xbox One will continue to work with the new controller, which now comes with capability to receive updates wirelessly, removing hitherto need to connect it with a USB cable to get updates.

For a limited time, Microsoft will give buyers in select regions a copy of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The company said the 1TB Xbox One will be showcased at E3 2015 in Los Angeles next week and will start shipping from June 16. The price starts at $399.

Mortal Kombat X : Predator, Colonel Al Dillon Could Be Playable Characters In New DLC

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Mortal Komabat X is coming soon, that’s for sure say sometime around April so we got a few more months to wait but before then, MK fan-boys are super-interested in hints that the next-generation series of the hugely popular video game would feature Predator (yes, you remember Predator) and comic villain Spawn as playable characters.
mortal Kombat X with Predator
The major gists is coming from VideoGamer’s unnamed source, who says “the DLC pack will include the sci-fi villain and Colonel Al Dillon, the CIA agent killed in the original movie. Carl Weathers, the actor who played Dillon, has allegedly offered his likeness for use in the game, too.”

Though currently, Warner Bros is yet to debunk or make a clear announcement for DLC plans for Mortal Kombat X. However, in July last year, creative director Ed Boon retweeted an image (pictured above) of Predator superimposed onto the Mortal Kombat X key art, along with the words “Oh snap!!”.

Moving on to Spawn; the comic book anti-hero’s creator has revealed that developer NetherRealm Studios has a deal in place to include him if they wish.

Todd McFarlane revealed to GamerFitNation that he has made a ‘short deal’ to allow the character to be added to Mortal Kombat X.

“It’s up to their discretion. I gave them a window of time, so I’ll just leave it to them to do what it is that they want,” he said.

“Eventually, they’ll phone me and they’ll go, ‘Hey, we want to use him here. Is that OK?’ Well, technically, it’s OK because we’ve already said yes. They just are letting us know.”

While it sounds far from concrete, we hope the folks behind the new game seal the deal. Predator and Spawn fighting the likes of Sub-Zero and Liu Kang is a dream come true for MK fanboys.

2011’s Mortal Kombat also featured guest characters from other universes, including God of War’s Kratos and Nightmare On Elm Street’s Freddie Krueger.

Mortal Kombat X launches on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on April 14th.

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