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Konga Affiliate – Everything You Need To Know

Published by: is no doubt one of Nigeria’s biggest e-commerce site (probably the second biggest, coming just after Jumia – according to alexa).

ShopKonga as it’s fondly known has a variety of items, gadgets, appliances, wears and even cars for sell on it’s online shop. The hustle is tough as Kevlar, but Konga has been pushing the limit and having tons of affiliates nationwide.

Shopping on Konga is as easy as A,B,C. You simply need to open an account with the company, visit the homepage and navigate to your choice good you want. Either pay for the good or wait till delivered and hand cash or use your ATM at the POS of your delivery man. It’s that simple.

Making money as an affiliate on Konga
make-money-online-konga affiliate
Just like buying from Konga, being an affiliate is easy. Sign-up, read their laid down rules, and accept. Use your unique id in your articles, your social media, blogs etc. Once someone purchases via your link, you get paid. Easy!

Konga not only allows users become affiliates easily, they heartily rejoice when you hit a milestone like our friend Pascal of NaijaTechGuide – who actually became the first affiliate (Konga) millionaire and was celebrated with open hands, cake and drinks :) Hard-work sure pays huh?

Need to get started with Konga Affiliate? Here’s a quick guide:

  • Visit
  • Sign-up with your preferred details,
  • N.B : Have a blog to publish with your affiliate links? If No, then, you could use your social profiles, they too work you know.

    Refer folks to buy via your links and voila! You’ve made your first sale, and your next, and more, till you the next konga millionaire ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Have questions about Konga affiliate marketing? Holla at us, we would love to help you make sales :)

    Jumia Mobile Week – All, The Deals, Codes And How To Snag Up 50%[Updating]

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    So, the start of the Jumia Mobile Week is here, and Innjoo fire as expected was the key device on display. Jumia may not ave been true to their words at first, but we eventually got the discount we all anticipated – a massive 50% off the 17700 Naira price tag bringing the price to just 8850 Naira which is just super!
    The device has been reverted to its original 17,700 price tag though and would likely move up some thousands more to probably 25,000 Naira. You can still snag it up for its current cheap price of 17700 Naira though if you are still interested in the device.

    Innjoo fire discount
    However, if you’d love to get massive discounts in the on-going mobile week, then you should stick to this page. We would be updating it throughout this seven days of the Jumia Mobile Week! Stay tuned!

    Tomorrow’s deals include Infinix hot and infinix hot note respectively. They cost about 16,000Naira and 24,500Naira respectively. If you are looking to upgrade to either of these devices, then you should stay here because we would be updating regularly with coupons and how to get massive deals.


    Jumia infinix 50% deal
    Okay guys, today is te 2nd of June and Infinix has taken center stage. Two devices would ave their prices slashed by half for a limited time though. Infinix hot and Infinix hot note are going to be going for less than 8,000Naira and less than 13,000Naira respectively. To pertake, simply use this coupon codes for any device you want by 9:00AM and 12:00 Noon respectively. NOTE102 and INF102. Visit this link NOW!!

    The next phase of the megathon sales would hold in a bit by 3:00 PM. Hope you already visited the above link to claim your spot? Use the coupon INF103 and NOTE103.Still limited stock and offers wont be left for long, so be quick about it.

    Don’t be left out! Get that device now!

    The Infinix hot got sold out by around 3:00 Pm and thus wasn’t available for 3;00 PM discount flash sale. The hot note got enough buyers still. Which is a pretty good deal at just 12,250.

    Flash sale at 6:00 with code [NOTE104], and surprise flashsale at 8:00PM with same code [NOTE104]


    Don’t miss out on Tecno L7 and Tecno Y5 deals. Early morning time is 9:00AM. There’s no coupon code yet, but expect it in the next few hours.

    Coupon codes for Tecno Y5 and Tecno L7 have been released. TEC101 for Tecno Y5 and LS101 for Tecno L7 respectively.

    There are no sales on the app today, all sales would be made directly ” target=”_blank”>via this page. Don’t be left out, rush over there now and wait for the deals coming down in less than 10 mins.


    Jumia Affiliate – Everything You Need To Know

    Published by: is Nigeria’s (and Africa) most exciting online shopping portal for all your needs, be it Clothing and Apparels, Electronics, Gadgets & Mobile phones, Sport gears, home appliances and what have you. The company started functioning in Nigeria in 2012, and has spread ship to about 10 other African countries including Morocco, Kenya, Ghana amongst others.

    Jumia is now a house-hold for online shopping in the country (Nigeria) and these days, one of the best ways to thrill girls is just a mention of ‘Jumia’. Say for example, you’ve been ‘eyeing’ that pretty damsel for a while now, why don’t you make her know with a Jumia surprise? Just ask her of her favorite perfume, and Jumia her! Watch the magic unfold ๐Ÿ˜€
    Anyways, away from that. Jumia have been offering affiliate marketing to bloggers and influencers to increase their stream of incomes as well as help promote Jumia items, and here’s everything you need to know about the affiliate network Jumia established!.

    Here are key facts about JUMIAโ€™s Partner Program

    • Jumia offers affiliates a variety of methods of promoting including Links, ads, and other types of visual references.
    • These admedias can be shared on websites and/or social media channels
    • Different from the past affiliate program, the new initiative also allows or social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook or Google+ to join in.
    • Bonus for the first month: 500 NGN on top of the commission for each order, Promotions and special benefits on a regular basis.
    • Direct service support from JUMIA affiliate manager
    • Monthly payment via bank transfer once you reach 5,000Naira

    To enroll, register on:

    Tecno Y4 Comes Forth With Specs, Features

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    Tecno Y4

    Tecno has a new device coming out pretty soon which we are pretty sure is a budget friendly device. The device dubbed Tecno Y4 appeared on the company’s site with some ‘not-so-bad’ specifications which we expect to see on a budget device.

    The Tecno Y4 is coming just a few weeks after the most talked about Tecno smartphone of Q1/Q2 2015 – Tecno Boom J7 was launched.
    Tecno Y4

    Here’s the key specs of Tecno Y4

    [table id=8 /]

    The Tecno Y4 is available for purchase online from Konga at just 15,200. Buy Here

    Google Latest Update Lets It Predict And Answer Questions Before Asked

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    The no.1 search engine in the World today – Google – is getting so good, it can now predict your question and answer them before you even ask. This new update to Google search now delivers answers so fast that it is kind of creepy.

    The concept is simple enough โ€“ if Google can give you a concise and definite answer as you type your question, why wait for you to do so? It does precisely this and quickly appends short answers straight into the suggestion interface as you type.
    gOOgle predict answer
    Currently, the new feature has been spotted returning mostly dates, but, logic dictates that it could very well be used for other short answers as well. Google is constantly looking for ways to aggregate and present information in more convenient and user-friendly ways. This is the main reason Info Cards were developed, but, this takes things to a whole new level of snappiness.


    Jumia Mobile Week Hits Kenya 2nd – 8th Of June [See Exclusive Deals]

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    Jumia Kenya would be having their own version of the mobile week megathon (Nigerians would ave theirs from 1st – 7th June) from 2nd – 8th Of June. It’s gonna be exciting as there will be exclusive product launches and massive discounts across all mobile phones, meaning smartphones prices would be slashed so bad, you would think Christmas came early!.

    There will be a limited number of phones, and they will be released at 5am on the mobile app and only at 9am on desktop.

    Jumia Kenya has so far shown us the kinds of deals we should expect in the coming Mobile Week Megathon and how badly prices of phones would be slashed.

    The main unveils of the mobile week in Kenya would be:

    jumia mobile week megathon kenya

    Tecno Y4:
    Tecno Y4 is a recent tecno mobile device which is one of the cheapest quality devices out there today. The device would be sold at just Ksh. 4,999 at the mobile week.

    Key Specifications Of Tecno Y4 include:

  • Screen: 4โ€œ
  • Memory: 8 GB ROM + 1 GB RAM
  • Camera: 5 MP + 0.3 MP
  • The offline market selling price of Tecno Y4 is 6,899 KSh. Want to own tis device? Quickly visit HERE.

    Infinix Hot Note:
    Infinix hot note is the successor to the huely popular Infinix hot device. The device is a 5.5-inc smartphone and runs on an octa-core CPU, with a massive battery to last you days. The hot note would be sold at just Ksh. 10,499 at the mobile week.

    Key Specifications Of Infinix Hot Note Include:

  • Screen: 5.5”
  • Processor : Octa-Core
  • Battery: 4000mAh
  • Memory:16 GB ROM +1 GB
  • Offline market selling price: 20,998 KSh. Want to own this device? Quickly visit HERE.

    Fly Thunder Three IQ 4415:
    This 4.5-inch smartphone would come to Jumia mobile week costing just over half of its original price. The device would be sold at Ksh. 4,999.

    Key Specifications Of Fly Thunder Three IQ 4415 Include:

  • Processor: Quad Core
  • Memory: 4 GB ROM + 512 MB RAM
  • Camera: 5 MP + 0.3 MP
  • Screen: 4.5โ€œ
  • If you miss this device now, you would have to pay its offline market selling price of KSh7,699 later. Why not buy it now? Visit HERE

    InnJoo Note
    The hot selling Innjoo Note would be up for sale too at the Mobile Week with selling price of just Ksh.10,499

    InnJoo Note Key Specifications Include:

  • Screen: 5.5โ€œ
  • Memory: 16 GB ROM + 1 GB RAM
  • Camera: 13 MP + 5 MP
  • Processor: Quad-core
  • If you miss this device now, you would have to pay its offline market selling price of Ksh.20,998. Why not buy it now? Visit HERE
    Samsung Galaxy J1
    Samsung would be releasing its latest J-series device during the mobile week. Samsung J1 would be selling at 9,999 KSh and there will be 1000 vouchers available to get it at 8,999 KSh

    *Hero Deal*
    Samsung Galaxy J1 Key Specifications Include:

  • Screen: 4.3โ€œ
  • Memory: 4 GB ROM + 512 MB RAM
  • Camera: 5 MP + 2 MP
  • If you miss this device now, you would have to pay its offline market selling price of 11,999 KSh. Why not buy it now? Visit HERE

    InnJoo Fire:
    Newly released Innjoo Fire would debut at the Jumia Mobile Week Kenya and the price would be just Ksh.7,699. The Innjoo Fire which features a 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM, a quad-core CPU and 2,500mA battery would definitely steal the show as it is a *Hero Deal*

    Innjoo Fire Key Specifications Include:

  • Screen: 5โ€
  • Memory: 16 GB ROM + 2 GB RAM
  • Camera: 8 MP + 5 MP
  • Processor: Quad-core
  • If you miss this device now, you would have to pay its offline market selling price of 15,398 KSh. Why not buy it now? Visit HERE

    There are also going to be other devices in the sales, so if your favored device is not listed here, just wait till 9:00A.M on 2nd of June and checkout the whole devices on display. Visit Jumia Kenya megaton landing page

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Limited Edition Variant Launched

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    A big fan if Iron man? Then feel like your hero with this limited edition Iron man Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

    Marvelโ€™s second movie about the Avengers titled Age of Ultron is out in the theatres and the company shook hands with Samsung for some special projects. After teasing the Iron Man-themed Samsung Galaxy S6 edge last week, the Korean giant has formally launched it for select markets.


    This limited edition Galaxy S6 edge bears the same internals as the regular variant with 64GB of storage. It has been given the Iron Man look with red colored front and back, and gold colored metal frame. The phone will have a custom Avengers theme pre-installed and will be packaged in a limited edition Avengers box.
    Samsung has packed an arc reactor-themed wireless charger in the retail package. The latter will also contain a clear protective cover.

    The tricked out smartphone will be available in Korea on May 27, with China and Hong Kong in line to get it in June.


    YouTube Will Soon Introduce An Improved Function Of Advertising Products In Videos

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    Soon on YouTube, there would be an enhanced functionality in advertisement which would allow for obtaining better information about the products, and make purchases directly from the commercials.

    Google has developed a new feature, called Trueview for shopping. It will allow advertisers to show over the video detailed information about the product and its image. In addition, after clicking on such ads is redirected to a website where you can make a purchase immediately. A new feature is based on the recently introduced another function cards. It works equally well in the demonstration video on computers and mobile devices.
    Trueview youtube

    True View shopping allows advertisers to scale the process of connecting individual products to individual movies. By integrating Google Merchant Center with video ads, advertisers will be enough to connect its campaign to the tape Merchant Center. This allows you to dynamically add products in rolls and adjusts the display settings for different users on the basis of a number of factors, such as geographic and demographic information.

    Those advertisers, who were invited to test the function Trueview for shopping, noted a significant increase in the interest of customers and sales. A full launch of the new opportunities for all advertisers should take place in the coming months. To watch videos you may need a better, enhanced phone, you can try to buy or sell Used gadgets and phones on, so that you can save a lot of time and money.

    Fuel Scarcity In Nigeria Crippling Tech Firms Including MTN Nigeria, Beat99.9 Fm

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    BeatFM fuel scarcity

    Africa’s biggest economy Nigeria is facing a series of turmoil following the recent 2015 general elections. With out-going President goodluck Jonathan sitting on the matter and thins get blown out of proportion, Nigeria’s president Elect en Muhammad Buhari will likely inherit a badly deteriorated nation.

    So far, Nigeria is agog wit serious issues following the fuel/diesel scarcity in the country. Multinational companies ave so far started releasing press statements seeking understanding should service be disrupted, citing the impending problems are likely going to be caused by the scarcity of fuel/diesel.
    Fuel Scarcity - MTN diesel scarcity plea
    Popular radio station Beat FM 99.9 FM based in Laos Nigeria as asked listeners to bear wit them as they’ve started rationing diesel to help them throughout the week, which of course affects the normal flow of programs as, the on-air station now closes by 8:00 Pm no loner 24 ours.

    MTN Nigeria, Nigeria’s foremost private owned Telecom’s service provider as also released a press statement, warning on impending service outages brought about by the lack of diesel to power their plants.

    There is no telling what the economy would look like in a month from now should the issues persist.

    Infinix Zero 2 – The Next Hero Launch Event Invites

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    Infinix mobility would be partnering with online retail giant and e-commerce site Jumia Nigeria to launch the Infinix Next Hero (Infinix Zero 2) device in the Nigerian market.

    The launch event is slated to hold at the main auditorium of the prestigious University of Lagos (Unilag), in Lagos on the 28th of May.

    infinix next hero event ticket

    The event would be strictly by invitation and getting an invite isn’t really much of a hassle actually.

    To get an invite to te event, simply text your name to 09099922417. however, it should be noted tat, you must be using an infinix smartphone.