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Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition – Review

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Gaming platforms such as the PlayStation and Xbox have got immense popularity among the gaming geeks. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are the first gaming platforms to have featured services like Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, and Netflix. However, we could now witness several television streaming boxes which have covered the gaming aspect as well.


The Amazon Fire TV is a perfect example of technology meeting innovation. This is smart device that enables the user to easily switch between TV and gaming without changing the setup. The Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition opens up a world full of excitement, entertainment and gaming for you. It not just allows you stream and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows but also offers more than 800 games that can you can play on your TV screens.

Features of Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition

The Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition is a device that you have ever wished for. It is a quite handy and easy to use device that certainly does justice to all your entertainment needs. Whether you want to watch TV or play your favorite games, an Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition is all that you need. The device has got many incredible features that makes it worth buying. Some of them are discussed below:

Fast Speed

The Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition has got a quick and responsive interface. Everything about it is smooth and fast, whether we talk about its super fast streaming or flawless gaming experience. It comes with a completely new quad-core processor that has got around 75% more processing power if we compare it with the earlier version.

Smart Enabled

It offers you with a quick and easy access to world of entertainment. All you need to do is simply connect to the internet and then stream your favorite movies, songs, TV shows and a lot more.

Variety of Entertainment Options

You can stream over 250,000 TV episodes, games, movies and music using the Amazon video and other services like Hulu Plus and Netflix. It thus offers a variety of entertainment options to the users.

Get Access to more than 800 Games

It offers more than 800 games that can be easily accessed by the users. Every member of your family can enjoy playing various games like the Minecraft, Asphalt 8, NBA 2K15, Crossy road and many more. Moreover, it comes with 2 pre-installed games namely Disney DuckTales: Remastered and Shovel Knight. With so many options to access you can never get bored.

Amazon Fire TV Game Controller for Better Control

Sit back comfortably, relax and enjoy playing for hours. It consists of an ergonomic remote controller that includes many features like voice search so as to offer a quick access to your favorite games and shows. The headphone jack ensures an easy and nonstop gameplay.

Performance and Configuration

It is powered by a quad core processor clocked at 2GHz which ensures smooth and efficient performance. You will get a console style gaming experience due to its dedicated GPU offering dynamic and vibrant graphics.

It also comes with an 8GB internal storage space which can be further expanded using the 32GB microSD card included in it. Therefore, you need not worry about the storage running out and store your favorite movies, shows and games in it.


You can connect the Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition with most of the HDTVs having up to 4K Ultra HD definition. Therefore, it can work flawlessly with your existing TV sets. For accessing the web-based content and services, you will need a high- speed internet connection. Some of the services may even need a subscription.

Final Words

Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition is a handy device that can efficiently meet up all your entertainment needs. You can enjoy streaming movies, music, videos, TV shows and playing games at a single place. So, try your hands on the Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition and experience an all new world filled with entertainment.

5 Best Features of the Amazon Echo

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amazon echo

Amazon Echo is one of the most popular, powerful and versatile voice controlling tools. This tool is quite quick and responsive. It is capable of recognizing your voice and then performing according to the instructions given, be it playing music, controlling the home’s lightning or making the weather forecasts. not just this the Amazon Echo comes loaded with many functionalities like news reporter, sports scores, alarm clock, To-do lists manager, kitchen timer and much more.

amazon echo

One of the amazing aspects of Amazon Echo is that the device is quite responsive; it quickly recognizes your voice and acts immediately. Moreover, the device is designed to respond to one of the wake-up names (Alexa or Amazon).

How does it Works?

All you have to do is simply plug in the device and you will be able to hear the voice of Alexa waking up. Alexa is a cloud based voice recognition services that makes Amazon Echo a way more responsive and reliable. Alexa will say hello to you and then guide you through the entire setup procedure.

You can then connect the Wi-Fi network of the speaker with your tablets or phones and then synchronize things with the home network in the Alexa application.

The entire procedure will get over within just few minutes after which you can get things running your way. Whenever you will say its wake word i.e. Alexa or Amazon, the speaker will light up and then you can tell it whatever you wish for.

Features of Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a commendable device that has got many exciting features. Some of them we have listed below:

1. Additional Skills

The makers always work hard to add new skills to the Amazon Echo. The device is recently equipped new skills such as music streaming via Pandora and Spotify, Google calendar, traffic reports, Kindle eBooks, local search from Yelp, live sports scores and schedules, control of smart home devices using WeMo and more than hundred new skills from third- party developers such as Domino’s, Uber and many more.

2. Quick Responses and Efficient

The Amazon Echo is equipped with seven microphones which makes use of beam forming technology that allows the device to hear your voice from any direction. It comes with enhanced noise cancellation support that enables the device to listen to the user’s voice or questions even while streaming music. Therefore, the device will never miss out your questions and flawlessly answer to them.

3. Smart Device

Alexa is an inbuilt cloud based voice recognition system and the brain of Echo thus it always gets smarter. The more you will make use of the device, the more easily and quickly it will get used to your vocabulary, speech patterns and personal tastes and preferences. Moreover, you will be able to receive the updates automatically as Echo is always connected.

4. Music Streaming

This device offers a hand free voice control for streaming music through Amazon Music, Pandora, TuneIn Plus, Prime Music, Spotify, and iHeartRadio. In addition, Echo is equipped with Bluetooth support therefore you can even stream music from several other popular music services like iTunes through your tablets or phones.

5. Comfortable Lifestyle

Amazon Echo is great device which will make your lifestyle more comfortable and easy. Once you have connected Echo to your home network you can make its use for turning on/off fans or lights, switching on the lamp before you get out from your bed, dimming the lights etc. all of this can be done at just the command of your voice without even raising a finger.

Final Say

Amazon Echo is a quite handy and easy to use device that makes life easier and comfortable. Just sit back comfortably, relax and let Echo do the work for you. This voice controller tool works efficiently in order to recognize your voice and is definitely worth buying.

Adesanya Sunday Exposes Every Way To Make Money Online With His Power-Packed 4 in 1 Video!

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There are affiliate marketers, and all sorts of bunch of clueless folks who tend to sell ‘Get Rich scheme” ebooks and all sorts for miserly sums of money, and yet live tattered life-styles. Making money today in Nigeria is hard-business but if you know your onions, you could be swimming in a pile of money in no time like my friend Adesanya Sunday Abiodun.

Before we go into further details, I would like to bring to light who this young man Adesanya Sunday Abiodun is.
Fiverr King Adesanya Sunday
So, who is this Sunday Abiodun that’s making Nigeria’s internet go gaga?
Adesanya Sunday is a Fiverr guru, an affiliate marketer and an importation prince. He has other small businesses he attends to offline, including a Cyber cafe amongst others.

I have known Sunday since 2012 when we both started out blogging together, and the dude could query :) Over the past 3 years, we’ve kept in touch, and I wasn’t surprised when he netted his first million from his online hustles.

In simple terms, Sunday is a born hustler, a goal-getter, and a VERY humble young man.

Fast-forward to 2015, Mr Sunday is set to reveal every best kept secrets affiliate marketers, importations gurus and most especially, the business that drove him to stardom FIVERR, in a FULL BLOWN – Tell it all 4 in 1 (Four in One) video revealing EVERYTHING he knows, without hoarding a tidbit. Who does that?!

If you are tired of scrap meals or petty thousands and probably want to own your own car or house in a few months at most year(s), then you need to own this monstrous knowledge-packed package which is sure to make you millions in a few months.

So, you must be curious, what do you stand to gain from this “package” Mr Sunday is offering?
What does Mr Sunday Adesanya Want to Expose?
It’s simple, EVERYTHING! You get everything every other marketer hoards, and more information base than you would get for 5 times what he’s charging.

Adesanya Sunday Abiodun preview

A sneak peak at what you get if you order for Sunday’s 4-in -1 video course (Ignore my keyboard 😉 )

Included in the tell it all video course are:

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There’s also ways to browse and download for free with MTN and Etisalat. Indeed, Adesanya Sunday is planning to make almost every Nigerian a millionaire in time for Christmas.

Adesanya Sunday video course testimonial

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