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Huawei Y3 Cheap As Heck Arrives Konga Priced at Just 12,900

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Ofcourse we all knew the budget friendly Huawei Y3 was coming, we told you it was up for pre-order on Konga at 12,900 weeks back, finally the device is available to purchase, from a very reputable brand, Huawei Y3 packs quits some hard-ware which would make you ponder if truly you heard the price right.
Huawei Y3
The new budget device is a 4.0″ IPS smartphone with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels. The Huawei Y3 has a clean and sleek outlook and a structure that fits the hands perfectly without any discomfort while handling.

Featuring a Quad-core CPU with clockspeed of a 1.3 GHz on each core, the Y3 boasts of a smooth surfing experience when on the web or a modest game-play access if you need to kill time.

Booting Android 4.4 KitKat OS, there’s no allowance for limitations on the kinds of app you can download on your device. There’s 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM on board the device, so you are at liberty to explore all possibilities.

The Huawei Y3 boasts a wide array of connectivity features, including high-speed 3G Network Support, Bluetooth 4.0, micro USB v2.0, GPS, FM Radio, Wi-Fi hotspot, DLNA, Accelerometer, HTML browser and SNS integration.

Giving you the option of choosing from a range of colours, the Y3 comes in white, black, blue or red. The Huawei Y3 is available on with free shipping. Whatever your android need, the Huawei Y3 has you covered and with just N12,900. You also get 1GB worth of Etisalat data for just N1000. Buy now !

Full List Of iTel Smartphones & Tablets (itel Prime, itel Grand, it 1404, Others)

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iTel mobile is no doubt a fan favorite in Africa, though I used to advise against patronizing the OEM of most of their devices, users seem to “not give a f**k what I think, and go ahead and buy their products (a few do come back to lay complaints about the device, which most times, I tend to ignore :) ).

In any case, since my dear readers love the itel brand, I would do my best to reduce the scatting articles on their products (but I plead with them to also improve the standards and specs of their devices, after, if the product is good, I won’t write bad about it – see my article on itel it1701 inote prime)

iTel mobile smartphones, prices and where to buy

There are quite a number of itel devices floating around, the popular ones being the itel beyond 3G and the itel grand. The new tablet on the block itel prime is also doing good for itself, and has sold out on Jumia Nigeria (still available to Kenyans and Ghanians) but still available on Konga if you would want to own one.

Here’s the current itel smartphones you snag if you are an itel lover.
Itel IT 1501 (itel inote Grand): The itel inote grand is the first itel Grand device. Features a superb IPS HD 5.0 inches screen, runs on Google’s Kitkat 4.4 OS. A rather small RAM of 512MB but a manageable ROM of 4gig. The device is a dual sim smartphone and it supports multi touch as well. It features an 8mp shooter as it’s primary camera (back camera) with LED flash light and auto focus. The front is adorned with 3mp front camera for your Skype and video calls and selfies. Priced anywhere from 15,000 – 20,000 Naira, the device is a hot seller on Konga with most sellers already out of stock. Want to own it? [BUY NOW]

Itel IT 1502 (itel inote Grand II): The grand tablet of itel with model 1502 is still hotly selling in Nigeria and Africa. With 1GB of RAM, 8GB of ROM and a quad-core CPU, itel did put in their all to see the tablet wasn’t a kill joy. Featuring Android 4.4 KitKat OS, and 3G high-speed internet, if you are looking for a somewhat cool Chinese tab to see you thru your daily ramblings, the 7.0″ itel Grand 2 is just right for you then. Priced anywhere from 18,000 – 25,000 Naira if you get to see it, as the device is almost depleted as well. Want to own it? [BUY NOW]

Itel 1452 Smartphone: itel it1452 is a low-budget, low specs device from itel. The device features a single core CPU, Android 4.4, 512MB RAM, 4GB ROM amongst others. If it interests you, you could get it for around 13,000 – 16,000 Naira. Want to own it? [BUY NOW]

Itel 1453 Smartphone: Same specs with the it 1452, with the addition of 3G high speed internet. [BUY NOW]

Itel 1403 Smartphone: Probably the bunch, with a RAM of 256MB and a ROM of 2GB, this 4.0′ smartphone isn’t the best you would find, but at it’s price range of 7,500 – 12,000. I guess you could pick one up and gift it to your 5 year-old child or something. [BUY NOW]

itel it1701 inote prime: Probably the most worked on device from itel stables, this 7.0″ tablet is my favorite from the Chinese OEM. Boasts a Quad-core CPU, android 4.4 Kitkat OS, 3G fast internet, Bluetooth 4.0, crazy 8.0MP rear camera and a 5.0MP camera in front, all for a miserly amount (around 17,000 – 20,000Naira). The device is so good it’s sold out on Jumia!, However, if you still want to own the tab, 3rd party sellers are retailing. [BUY NOW]

Gionee Elife E8 Official, Takes Mobile Photography ‘Beyond Mobile’

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Gionee Elife E8 like the power beast – Marathon M5 was officially released at the product launch even in Beijing.

The Elife E8 isn’t your average flagship smartphone though, with a massive 24MP shooter as it’s main camera, which boasts to be the highest pixel count now in a major smartphone, that is, if you don’t count the Nokia Lumia 1020 of course, and the almost ancient ‘made for photography’ Nokia PureView 808.
Gionee Elife E8 boasts a phablet sized 6-inch QHD display, with a massive pixel per inch density of about 490ppi. Made with Samsung’s AMOLED panel, you are sure to get the quality entertainment you deserve with deep blacks and vivid colors.

Gionee Elife E8 isn’t just a beast because of it’s phablet sized looks, the device has some crazy tech running inside. The internals include a Mediatek Helio X10 chip-set which has an octa-core processor clocked at up 2GHz on each core, and a PowerVR 6200 GPU.

There’s a massive 3GB of RAM and an equally massive 64GB internal storage memory (ROM) as well.

While the Marathon M5 is a battery power monster, the Elife E8 is a photographic monster. Made for photographers, Gionee Elife E8 can do quite a lot with the soft-wares on board, and it’s 24MP primary camera.

Using some software tricks, the E8 can manipulate and produce images up to a jaw-dropping 120MP resolution!!!

Starting the camera is a breeze, as the apps takes just 0.8s to launch. On-board is phase detection auto-focus which Gionee claims focuses in 0.08s to 0.2s. The sensor sits behind a six-element lens with sapphire glass front element.

There’s optical image stabilization which is able to correct for shakes up to 1.5-degrees in angle. The smartphone will also offer dual Tone LED flash, loss-less zoom, and 4K video recording.

Gionee Elife E8 would be available from July 15, with price set at CNY 3,999 ($645).

Not a bad price for a smartphone monstrosity such as the Elife E8 is it? Do let us know what you feel about the latest Gionee flagship in the comments below.

Gionee M5, The Power Beast With 6020mAh Battery Official

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Gionee officially launched two devices yesterday and of-course they are the most talked about Gionee duo this year, the Elife E8 and of-course, the huge powered beast Gionee Marathon M5.

The marathon M5 which is one of the hotly anticipated mid-range devices has its dual-batteries which sum up to 6,020mAh to thank. The device which follows the Marathon M3 as the next Marathon racer, boasts power-battery management enhancements, and features most notably is the extreme mode, which boasts almost three full days (62 hours) of standby time from just 5%!. If this isn’t superb, I don’t see what would ever be.

Gionee M5 is specially crafted for power management and productivity, so there’s the quick-charge (in the charging-pair) function on board the device, which would see the m5 charge up in no time, and as well, there’s the main jaw-dropping function courtesy the charging chip, called ‘pairing’, this function allows the device to double up as a power bank for charging two devices simultaneously.

The device was out-rightly classified as a battery phone, so the specs however it is is justifiable. Aside it’s main battery features and enhancements, Gionee M5 marathon has a few good details up it’s sleeve.

With a 5.5″ phablet sized display, the new device features 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage ROM. There’s super fast 4G LTE connectivity, so you are not stuck on crawling network. You get a quad-core CPU clocked at 1.3GHz on each core to process all the device’s needs. Not for forgetting a super crisp 13MP camera as it’s main shooter.

If you are wondering, Gionee Marathon M5 would run Google’s Android 5.0 straight out of the box, so you needn’t worry about when it would be getting the fresh taste of Lollipop.
gionee m5-marathon
With a knack for slimness, Gionee made sure that though the M5 housed dual batteries, it still retained a fair thickness measurement of just 8.5mm

June 25th would see the dual-SIM Gionee Marathon M5 will arrive in black, white and gold color options on, and with a price tag of $370.

Targetted at people who would love to use their smartphones for longer, the Gionee Marathon M5 would be just right for countries with epileptic power supply like Nigeria.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs, Features, Price In Nigeria

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Also known as Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920
Curved screen version available – Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
Available versions: SM-G9200 (Hong Kong), SM-G9208 (China), SM-G9208/SS (China), SM-G9209 (China), SM-G920A (AT&T), SM-G920F (Global), SM-G920FD (Pakistan, Philippines), SM-G920I (LATAM, Singapore, India, Australia), SM-G920S (Korea), SM-G920T (T-Mobile)

Samsung galaxy s6 Jumia Nigeria
Where to buy Samsung Galaxy phones
Jumia from ₦ 13,000 [Get Offers]

[table id=17 /]

Buy Samsung Galaxy S6 on Jumia [Buy Now]

The Silver Partners Of Jumia Mobile Week! iTel, LG, Wiko, BlackBerry Others

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Jumia Mobile Week would be over today, after seven days of crazy discounts on mobile phones of selected respected brands, with each brand having it’s own day. The biggest mobile sales Africa has ever seen is rather an under-statement, as Jumia did more than ever expected. Though most mobile phones were sold in flash-sales as expected, we saw a good many people happy to have ordered their choiced new devices and got them delivered within days as promised!

Jumia Mobile Week Megathon Recap
Jumia had early last month promised what it has fulfilled, and as was expected, there was a whole good anticipation of the mobile event.

The event which isn’t only available in Nigeria, but also Kenya, Morocco, amongst others, is the biggest Africa has seen of any mobile sales ever. The mobile week sales shattered the previous sales records of rival and e-commerce giant Konga, and saw most smartphones get sold-out before the day was over.

As scheduled, Jumia Mobile Week began in Nigeria on Monday, June 1st and would be ending today June 7th after a great deal of huge phones with huge discounts.

The Gold Partners of the Jumia Mobile Week – Innjoo, Infinix, Tecno, Lenovo, Apple, Samsung  took the first six days and made them super successful!

Monday June 1st saw Innjoo take the sales center stage and offer Innjoo Fire, and Innjoo One for half their prices on different times of the day.

Tuesday, 2nd Of June was the the day of Infinix, with the Infinix Hot (infinix hot was sold out), and the infinix hot note getting same treatment of 50% off. Other infinix devices had their prices slashed a bit though.

Wednesday, 3rd Of June saw Nigeria and Africa’s biggest Chinese OEM – Tecno take the centre stage with Tecno L7 and unreleased Tecno Y5 went for half their prices. Tecno Y5, like Infinix Hot got sold out, and the unreleased Tecno 8H DroiPad took it’s place, went for half the price too.

Thursday, 4th Of June witnessed Lenovo going full scale with two main devices Lenovo A328 and Lenovo A6000. The duo had a field day too like all devices previously at the event too. 50% off the two devices, while other Lenovo products had a little discount off.

Friday, 5th Of June was Apple’s big day! Though Apple products weren’t slashed by half as most people wanted, Apple devices (Apple iPhone 6 64GB and Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB) were still sold dirt cheap considering their value and with freebies worth over 13,000 Naira!

Saturday, 6th Of June was the mother of smartphones day, Samsung day! Samsung Star Plus 2 was the main device on sale, had it’s price slashed by half while other devices made by the South Korean technology giant were reduced by a few thousand naira.

Sunday, 7th June is the day of the Silver partners – Wiko, Fly, imosé, BlackBerry, iTel, oraimo, Archos, LG.

The prices of devices of the silver partners may not be reduced to up to half the price, but we still expect some really interesting price slash from key smartphones and tablets, like:

  • ITEL INOTE PRIME IT1701 tablet
  • Fly IQ4418- ECLIPSE
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Lite G313H
  • BlackBerry Q5
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530H
  • BlackBerry Q10
  • Samsung Galaxy Star Plus DS S7262 (ACE3)
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530H
  • Wiko Fizz
  • Samsung S5 G900H – Shimmery
  • Archos 59 Xenon
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Lite G313H
  • BlackBerry Z3
  • LG L60i Dual X135
  • Samsung Galaxy Core II
  • LG L Bello D335
  • LG L60i X135 Phone
  • To partake in this massive event and have your share of picking up great devices for cheap, visit the Jumia Silver megathon Page