Between E-commerce Giants Jumia And Konga – Where Should You Shop?

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First off, I don’t own your money and won’t tell you where not to shop, however, I can ‘recommend’ based on experience, belief et al, my own favorite e-commerce site. Please read along.

E-commerce is getting full blown in Nigeria today, this is probably thanks to the two top online super malls in the country Shop Konga and Jumia Online.

Both companies house almost everything you can dream of and more (Shop Konga now even sells cars! Can you believe it? Brand new Kia cars!) on their websites and generates millions in sales daily thanks to thousands of affiliates spread across the country.

What do Jumia Sell?
Jumia sells everything from house-hold utensils, gaming consoles, mobile phones and gadgets, Foods & beverages amongst others.

What do Konga sell?
Konga like Jumia, sells everything from house-hold utensils, gaming consoles, mobile phones and gadgets, Foods & beverages, and then brand new cars amongst others.

Which is cheaper?
After careful comparison, Jumia offers a somewhat cheaper pricing of goods both online retail giants offer. This could be one of main reason another online retailer puts Konga on blast via their ad, with such words like “their price 50k, our price 15k”

Price comparison aside, they both offer genuine products from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), direct company partnerships and other individuals.

Jumia was established 2012, Konga was established 200 too. Both online retailers have been tested and trusted for over 3 years now with the positives out-playing the negatives. Konga once shut down the Nigerian internet with it’s fall yakata sales. Jumia recently did same with it’s mobile week megathon.

So, which online e-commerce giant would you go with?
Personally, I’ll go with Jumia over Konga any day (I’m currently an affiliate of both companies though). Jumia has a better customer service service and have a very active social profile where they carry along their customers, clients and followers.

In summary, as stated earlier, I won’t implore you to favor my own personal favorite, it’s just my own personal opinion. Konga and Jumia are still the leading e-commerce sites in the country and I would gladly refer you both if you need something bought and delivered to your door step.

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