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Explore Picturesque Images With Jumia Exclusive GoPro Cameras

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GoPro camera jumia

Photographic enthusiasts and professional are always choosy about their choice of cameras, though there are a ton of different snappers available. This is particularly because of the quality of visuals obtained from the cameras, thus the reason for the influx of GoPro Camera faithfuls.
GoPro Camera captured
A picture is worth a thousand words, which most definitely mean that a unique scenic picture is worth a thousand beautiful words and of course a ton of smiles to accompany it, you then wonder why the professional snappers make their clients giggle and heap compliments on the beauty of the work of the photographer?

GoPro camera jumia

If you are looking to take that bold step and become an explorer, say like Christopher Columbus, except equipped with your own quality GoPro snapper which Sir Columbus was unfortunate not have owned, then, you are in luck. No.1 online shopping mart in Nigeria, Jumia, now has it’s very own shop of the very hugely popular GoPro cameras, where you would find both the snappers and accessories.
GoPro camera jumia

GoPro camera jumia

Fun-fact: GoPro cameras are water resistant and would work just fine under water as it would work on land.

Currently, GoPro cameras are of 2 series – the GoPro Hero and the GoPro Hero4 which comes in Black and white color variants.

If you would love be revered, and become a maestro in the photographic world, you should be off to Jumia’s exclusive shop of the ‘next-gen’ power-packed GoPro Cameras. Visit the shop now at

Tech Plus Event And Expo : Where Technology Meets Techies

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MTN Tech-Plus

MTN Nigeria, Nigeria’s top-tier telecommunications giant in conjunction with a host of other tech bodies and companies including UBER, Samsung, Jumia, Huawei would be hosting a 2-day technology packed conference and exhibition organised by connect marketing, dubbed Tech Plus Event and Expo at the Eko Hotel & Suites in Lagos Island.

MTN tech plus partners
The Expo would feature remarks and insights by top-dogs in the Technology market, from Michael Ikpoki / Managing Director, MTN Nigeria running down to Jim McKelvey / Co-founder, Square, Wael Fakharany / Regional Business Lead Google [X] Middle East and Africa, Abiola Olaniran / Gamsole’s founder and CEO, Nicholas Martin / CEO and Managing Director at Jumia Nigeria, among others.

The event is slated for 24th and 25th of July and exhibition of new tech products would be made via boots.

techplus game competition
It’s not also going to be all talks, as there would be the fun aspect of it, where you could win upto 1.5million naira playing video games I think. There will be Fifa 15 and Mortal Kombat X competitions to spice up the innovative gathering.

The event in all it’s juicy detailing is a FREE event! You can find out more about it at and ofcourse, book you seat now. Register now

How I Saved Some Extra Money Buying On

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buy phones on is a free classified site where buyers and sellers interact and of-course trade goods and services for cash. Their range of goods offered includes anything from cloth articles to gadgets and smartphones. Being someone that really loved to get my stuff good and yet cheap, you wouldn’t blame me for checking out a free classified site, would you? LOL.

It so happened I needed to upgrade from my 3year-old Tecno N3, and was looking for a ‘not-expensive’ Android-phone with a fairly wide screen, faster internet surfing allowance and a bigger memory capacity. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to find my given phone for my budget of 30’000 naira (I could get another Tecno or an other OEM, but I needed a known brand this time).

A ‘geeky’ new Samsung or LG price starts at 40’000 in official shops, but I don’t need all these accessories, warranties, after all, I had a droid earlier with same accessories, and was going to really ‘enter’ the device once I got it, start rooting, voiding warranties, you know the drill :)

Anyways, seeing I couldn’t cough out around 40,000 Naira just yet for a phone, when I had other pressing investments to run with, I started to look for my new device on the Internet, luckily, I found JiJi – the board of free ads. You can buy here even without registration, filling profile or confirming your person by means of phone number. Of course you can do it, but it’s not necessarily.
buy phones on
In 10 minutes I’ve seen the required model in the category of JiJi mobile phones – LG Leon only for 25’000 naira and the seller was from my city. I’ve called him but there was no answer and I continued searching. I few minutes seller redialed me and told about the phone – Android OS, Screen size 4.5 inches and Wi-fi connection. We agreed to meet the same evening, check the phone and I promised to buy if it corresponds the description.

Of course I bought it! Phone is practically new and was in use only for a month. I’m totally satisfied with my purchase on Jiji – no complications and the prices are much lower than in real stores. Also there are no risks to be cheated if to keep some simple rules – don’t send money in advance, check the goods before you buy, do not tell anybody your credit card information. I saved some extra chunk of money buying on Jiji and you can do the same too.

Upcoming Nexus 5 Blasts Samsung Galaxy S6/Edge AnTuTu Scores

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nexus 5

Samsung is currently topping the AnTuTu benchmar score for the powerhouse device flagship of 2015, but according to a new AnTuTu result, upcoming Google Nexus 5 will out match Samsung Galaxy S6/Edge’s reign, topping the charts with a record high of 85k score on the bench-marking site, which is 20k more than the Sammy flagships and the in-house Exynos 7420 chipset.
Nexus 5 2015
The said Nexus 5 being made for Google could possibly be coming from two renowned manufacturers, LG and Huawei if rumours flying around is anything to go by.

Though currently, there’s no word yet on the specs of the device, the LG version of the Nexus 5 (2015) whose AnTuTu score surfaced indicates that the coming smartphone could be fitted with a next-gen Snapdragon 820.

Also, judging from the alleged score card, the device will once again be named the Nexus 5, well probably Nexus 5 (2015) to avoid confusion. Apparently, LG has decided to abandon the whole incremental naming approach, as was with the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, which could indicate that the next phone will also have close to 5.0-inches of screen real estate. This will surely be a welcome sight for a lot of Android purists that simply found the 5.96-inch Nexus 6 too large.

Last but not least, AnTuTu has detected the Nexus 5 (2015) as a Full HD device. This is kind of odd, considering the current Nexus boasts 1440 x 2560 pixels. Perhaps Google thought QHD would be an overkill on the smaller screen of the new Nexus 5.

Nintendo President And Programming Maestro Satoru Iwata Dies At 55

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Satoru Iwata

Satoru Iwata who became Nintendo’s president in 2002 has died on July 11, 2015 following a bile duct growth. The shocking news of the death of President Satoru Iwata to gaming lovers especially Nintendo and Pokemon was announced by Nintendo.

Mr Satoru Iwata had last year gone for the removeable of the bile duct growth, which according to his statement gave us a little hope, which is why his death is coming as a serious shocker. After his surgery last year, President Iwata issued a statement saying that “it is said that a bile duct growth can be difficult-to-treat, partly because of the difficulty of detecting it early. In my case, luckily, it was detected very early and I had no symptoms”.

Satoru Iwata
Iwata began his career in 1983, where he took on a role as a software coordinator at HAL Laboratory, eventually becoming HAL President in 1993, and joining Nintendo in 2000.

Nintendo has announced that Shigeru Miyamoto and Genya Takeda will continue to serve as Nintendo’s representative directors.

Konga Partners Lumia, Offers All Expense Paid Trip To London

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Okay folks, you could be changing your smartphone and as well picking up an all expense paid courtesy of Konga and Microsoft’s mobile division Lumia.
Konga and Lumia are giving you an opportunity to win your dream holiday. When you buy the Lumia 540 Dual Sim or the Lumia 640 XL Dual Sim or any other Lumia on, you’ll stand a chance to win an expense paid trip to London, England!

All you have to do is follow these easy steps.

1. Buy the Lumia 540 Dual Sim or the Lumia 640 XL Dual Sim or any other Lumia
2. Submit a few sentences telling us how you intend to achieve more with your Lumia in the form below
3. Winners will be picked based on the most creative entries.

Five (5) tickets of an all-expense paid trip to London, England are waiting to be won! This competition is open for purchases made from June 24th – August 31st 2015. Think of all the fun things you could be doing during an all-expense paid trip to London. Waste no time, click here to start the challenge!

MTN Introduces New Project Fame Data Bundles

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MTN PFame bundles

Yesterday, I shared that MTN introduced a new plan which goes for about 100Naira for 100MB. The said plan is actually a Project Fame bundle and interestingly, it has it’s day plan too. At just 50Naira, you get a cool 50MB to surf per day (Project Fame Bundle as stated earlier). There’s also a great weekly plan of just 100Naira valid for 7days with a 100MB data cap.

To activate the plans,

  • Text PFD to 131 for the daily plan at 50Naira
  • Text PFW to 131 for the weekly plan
  • Konga Is 3 Years, Here’s Their Journey So Far [Infographic]

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    E-commerce giant shop konga is 3 years old, and the no1 online shopping destination in Nigeria shares their from Zero 2 Hero entrance as the king of all online retails in Africa’s biggest market – Nigeria.

    From what started as a pure retailer of baby food and beauty products with less than 20 staff, has evolved to become the biggest online marketplace in Nigeria employing over 700 staff. Follow our Journey as we celebrate our 3rd year anniversary.

    Konga 3rd Aniversary infographics

    MTN Introduces 100Naira For 100MB Bundle

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    In a bid to get viewers to never miss the ever hot musical event proudly powered by MTN (Project Fame West Africa), the telecomms giant have launched a crazy bundle which would serve just right, and is valid for 7days. The bundle called MTN Project fame bundle gives you 100MB for 7days surfing.

    To get this crazy offer, simply text/SMS PFW to 131. You can also check your data bundle by texting PFB to 131. If you are a project fame addict and would love to keep tab of the musical journey, then simply logon to The 100mb would give you a good quality minutes of streaming. Enjoy!

    Konga Raps Up Daily Deals With 50% Off All Deals [Today Only]

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    Konga daily deals final day

    Guys, today is the last day of purchases in Konga’s on-going daily deals which we told you about weeks ago. Today is a one-time offering giving you opportunity to get any product on the daily-deals page at a whooping 50% off.
    Konga daily deals final day

    This means you can get those mobile phones, laptops, television sets, air conditioners, refrigerators and much more at almost half the price! What better way to wrap up the exciting month of June.
    Konga daily deals final day
    So do not be left out of this massive sale! Grab your cars and begin to shop because this offer is available today and today only. Whether it’s a TV set you’ve been meaning to replace, a laptop for a loved one, or general merchandise for home and office use take advantage of the Daily Deals one day only sale to buy everything at almost half the price. Hurry because these products will disappear very quickly. To be part of the daily deals sales on the 1st of July, 2015 click here.

    Nationwide delivery and free shipping apply on these products, Start Shopping in the daily deals page