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Apple iWatch Has The Bulk Of Wearable Market With 75% Market Share

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Apple watch

Apple watch away from the bashing of people about how pricey it is without any greater advantage over it’s competitors seem to be the most sort-after wearable tech after-all. Though there were insinuations that the iWatches were destined for failure, a new report seem to think other-wise.
Apple watch
According to Strategy Analytics, Apple’s wearable tech the iWatch has now captured a whooping 75% of the wearable tech market, leaving Samsung to 7.5% and other OEM watches with 17%.

Specs Of Huawei Y6 Smartphone Come Online

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Huawei Y6

Huawei would be releasing a new entry-level smartphone dubbed Y6 Scale in a few days coming on July 30th. The upcoming smartphone is set to be the next follow-up of the recent mid-range Android 4.4 Kitkat trotting Huawei Y3.

With a price tag of €150 ($165), the upcoming Android smartphone would feature a 5″ display with 720 x 1280 pixels resolution, a quad-core CPU which is supplied by Snapdragon 210 chipset. There’s also going to be 1GB of RAM and 8GB of ROM intact.

Other impressive features include an 8MP camera shooter on the rear and a 2MP for taking selfies, latest Android 5.0 Lollipop would come with it straight out of the box with the Chinese company’s own Emotion UI on top. Included in the connectivity options are 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Battery power would be supplied by a 2200mAh battery.


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techplus game competition

If you are going to be competing in the MTN Tech+ game competition (FIFA 15 & Mortal Kombat X), then you must read this laid down rules or else…

Please note that these rules would be adhered to strictly and complaints would not be tolerated if no prior clarifications have been made. Defaulters of rules would be given a Yellow card as a warning and if they default again, would be given a Red card and disqualified (in case of participants) or asked to leave (in case of spectators).

General Rules
There should be NO fighting, cursing or trolling (with contestants). Defaulters would be given a yellow card and red card for subsequent offences.

Group stages for FIFA 15 starts on the 24th of July by 10am while the knockout stages start on the 25th of July by 9am.
Group stages for Mortal Kombat X starts on 25th of July by 10am and subsequently knock-out stages.


Control Pads
1. Please do not remove any controller from any console. Defaulters would be given a yellow card.

1. Format used is tournament-style. Contestants would be divided into groups of 8 or 9. Grouping would be done as contestants are accredited so please ensure you are there early. They would play themselves (round robin) and the person with the highest score emerges from a group as finalist. The top people would then play themselves in a single elimination/knock-out format until the winner is gotten.
NB: Only one person emerges from a group. Please ensure you are there early so that you can be accreditaed

2. Match time for group stages up till semi-finals is 4 mins per half. Time for the semi-final and final matches is 5mins per half. Players have another 3mins to set up their button configurations, player settings, etc. Players can go to settings once each during match play to change their settings if they want.

3. Players are not allowed to pause during active play. If there is a need to go to settings, the player until there is a mandatory break e.g throw in, goal score etc.

4. Priority for top seeds from groups would be in the following order: Points > Head-to-head > Goals aggregate.

5. In the knockout stages, in the event of a draw after normal regulation time, the players would proceed straight to penalties.

6. The players can pick a coach who can advise them quietly during the matches. This person should stay beside or directly behind the player. No external person should interfere in on going matches by pointing out flaws in the players’ game or weaknesses.
Defaulters shall be given a yellow card and red subsequently.

1. Players would be grouped into 16 groups (tentative) and pools will be played. Two people would emerge from each group to give a total of 32 (subject to change depending on the number of accredited entrants.)
**Please note that number of groups is still subject to change till the day of the event.
NB: Only 2 people would emerge from a group.

2. The final 32 (or top groupers) will engage in a double elimination style bracket until a winner emerges.

3. The matches for pools and brackets up till losers & winner’s finals will be best of 3 rounds, best of 3 matches. i.e first to 2
Winners final, losers final and grand finals would be best of 3 rounds, best of 5 matches. i.e first to 3

4. Players (if they wish) have 15 seconds to do a button check before they begin their game. Once the match starts, there would be no pause. Any player that pauses forfeits that round except if the opponent accepts to continue.

5. The contestants are allowed to pick a friend who would either stand behind them or by their side to offer advice in whispers during their matches. However, apart from this person chosen by the player, NO PERSON SHOULD POINT OUT OR OFFER ANY ADVICE TO ANY OF THE PARTICIPATING PLAYERS WHILE THE MATCHES ARE GOING ON.
Any defaulter would receive a yellow card and subsequently a red card.
The above rules should be carefully read and if there are any clarifications to be made, call any of the following numbers: 08086918521, 08068287506.

Via | TechPlus NG A Fascinating Startup With An Incredible Ride-Sharing Concept

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Okay folks, today we’ll be looking at a start-up with a difference I stumbled upon just recently. Named Gomyway (, this start-up aims to curb the hassles of transportation crisis in a unique never-seen-before scenario. Gomyway doesn’t exactly sends company owned taxis or pick-up cars for your travels, but… wait for it… allows normal car owners to assist other pedestrians shuttling intra and inter city.

You may ask how’s this even possible?, it’s simple gomyway ‪Ride-sharing‬ concept is a unique concept whereby the rider and the passenger come to a mutual relationship, the car owner agrees to offer a lift to one or more persons usually at a very small fee (for fueling his/her ride). The gomyway platform helps the car owner and the would be passenger set an appoint as to what time the car owner would pick-up the passenger and at what pick-up location. (N.B: Pick-up location and time of pick-up is dependent on the car owner!)

More plausible is the fact that the service comes at no charge or cost whatsoever to either parties (that is aside the stipulated ‘fuel fee’ the car owner would request from the passenger), the new ride sharing scheme by gomyway is a very plausible and encouraging idea. Not just for the easing of transportation hassles, but for the re-kindering of the brotherly love we Nigerians are known for. With you could help make someone’s day by sharing your ride and making new friends in the process.

If you are a car owner and would love to share your ride with someone, simply log on to to sign-up as a ride-sharer, enter your details and you are done. Gomyway team would run verification of your details to ensure the safety of would-be passengers, same thing would be done when a passenger requests for a ride via the platform, so there’s a zero tolerance to risks associated with picking up strangers and accepting lifts from strangers. Please be kind to offer a ride to someone soon. Happy ride-sharing!

P.S: There’s also another of such ride-sharing platform called ‘Jekalo’ – didn’t know about it until today.

Take It Or Leave It! Jumia Offers Gadgets & Electronics At Mouth Watering Prices

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Jumia Take it or leave it

Again, it’s the season of massive discounts. This is probably because our very best e-commerce sites (Jumia and Konga) are both 3 years-old. Of-course, in case you didn’t know, Jumia has been having fashion clearance sales to give back to the community and also topping to that by rewarding the best shopper of the week (You can jump on the fashion sales and get HUGE discounts up to 80% OFF! HERE)
Jumia Take it or leave it
The take it or leave it offer is the offer we are going to talk about for a bit. Like the name, Take-it Or Leave-it, nobody is pressuring you to partake in the exclusive offers being housed in this little platform, if you are smart enough to want some great deals at the best prices you’d find them anywhere in the country, then you would immediately jump onboard the cargo ship filled with awesome offers.

Take it or leave it features the best prices on Televisions (LED, HD, smart TVs, etc), Air conditioners, Mobile phones and accessories, Laptops, Washing machines, Refrigerators and what have yous! The offers are the most competitive offers you’d find anywhere in the country.

To have a go at the competitive offerings in the take it or leave it offers, simply visit Happy shopping!

Apple Releases Q3 2015 Performance Report Sheet

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Apple q3 2015 fiscal report

Cupertino based tech giant – Apple has once again published it’s standing and performance report, with figures from it’s net profit and revenue for the third quarter of 2015 fiscal year. The current figures as released by the No2 phone maker for Q3 is a record net profit of $10.7 billion from $49.6 billion of revenue.

The figures from Apple’s Q3 2015 report is a massive bump compared to same period last year, where Apple took home $7.7 billion of net profit from $37.4 billion of revenue.

Apple sold 47.5 million iPhones during the quarter. That’s slightly below the analyst estimates of 49-50 million units, so the company’s stock took a small dip as a result. However, Apple’s iPhone related revenue grew by a whopping 59% from a year ago.

Interestingly, Apple did not specify the amount of Apple Watch units it sold during the quarter. All we know is that total sales of the wearable device amount to more than $1 billion. The tech giant’s CFO also revealed the demand for the smartwatch in the first nine weeks of its availability has exceeded the demand for the iPhone and the iPad in the same period after their debut.

Apple iPad sales have once again declined. The company moved 10.9 million tablets – down from 13.3 million in Q3 2014. Mac sales however, have grown from 4.4 million units last year to 4.8 million units this quarter.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Specifications, Features & Price

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samsung galaxy tab s2 9.7

Samsung Galaxy S2 9.7 is the latest high-end tablet from South Korean tech giant, and the new piece of tech aims to rival Apple’s iPad Air 2.

Featuring a glossy 9.7″ of Super AMOLED display, the Galaxy S2 9.7 is a remarkable tablet coming in both WIFI only and 3G/LTE variants. The device is super techie and has a finger print scanner on board as well. The scanner is located in the home button just as seen in the Galaxy S6 flagship.
samsung galaxy tab s2 9.7
The new tablet comes running Android 5.1 Lollipop with Samsung’s native TouchWiz customized user interface (UI). Dual-cameras are fitted on the S2 9.7, an 8MP rear shooter as it’s main camera and a 2.1MP selfie camera. The rear camera boasts to be able to capture ultra clear 4K videos.

Samsung is not known for half-baked devices, that’s why the S6 is still unarguably the best smartphone in the world right now. The tablet features an octa-core CPU, which is manipulated by the in-house developed Exynos 5433 processor. So, no doubt, there’s really not going to be room for lags and all. To power the device, there’s a 5870 mAh Battery capable of over 6 hours of battery life for fun, games and work.

Where to Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab from ₦44,900.00 Buy Now from ₦69,000.00 Buy Now

Full Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7

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Innjoo F3 Tablet Specifications, Features, Price

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Innjoo f3

Innjoo has recently launched the Innjoo F3, a cheap 7.0″ Android 4.4 kitkat OS tablet and featuring access to mobile connectivity via SIM-card access. The device which is exclusive to Jumia like all Innjoo devices follows the sold out Innjoo F2 which was like-wise, a cheap Android tablet PC.

Innjoo f3
Innjoo F3 is a remarkable device with a sleek finish, a 5-point touch screen and a massive 3,000mAh polymer battery for longer play and business time.

Where to Buy Innjoo F3 ₦14,499.00 Buy Now

Full Specifications Of Innjoo F3

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Innjoo Fire Pro Takes Over Kenya Courtesy Jumia

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innjoo fire pro

Dubia based mobile manufacturers Innjoo has released their hotly anticipated mid-range Innjoo Fire Pro to Kenya. The device has been hotly selling across the middle East for sometime now, but hasn’t debuted in Africa, with an expected debut time of around ending July / August. Well, Kenyans are the first Africans to get the bigger bro of the Innjoo Fire which debuted during the widely talked about Jumia Mobile Week.

The new Innjoo Fire Pro is a 5.0″ totting smartphone which assures of a fixed battery and a better enhanced/powered battery. The device also is an LTE 4G smartphone which as well comes loaded with Android 5.0 Lollipop on boot.

Feature wise, the new device is remarkably better enhanced than it’s brother, the Innjoo Fire.

Innjoo Fire Pro is exclusively sold on Jumia, so if you are looking to buy the device, buy from trusted shop, buy original, buy on Jumia.

Innjoo fire pro is currently not available in Nigeria, but we are still expecting a release date of early August for the Nigerian market.

Innjoo Fire Pro is priced at only 11,999 KSH making it one of the cheapest Lollipop and 4G LTE device in Kenya. Buy the Innjoo Fire pro on Jumia here.

Konga Unleashes Daily Overdrive With Huge Discounts

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Konga Daily Overdrive

Shop Konga is at it again with daily overdrive. The new promotion follows the previously launched, but now ended hugely popular Daily Deals Promotion, which saw goods getting discounted to the teeth!.
Konga Daily Overdrive
The new daily overdrive deal on Konga is only for a limited 11days, starting from the 20th of July and ending on the 31st of July, so we dare say it’s an awesome way to end a splendid month of July. Goods in the overdrive promotion would see some really mouth watering discounts and huge savings for your wallet/bank account, thus you wouldn’t have to break the bank to get that device or gadget or even home appliance you’ve been eyeing.

The principle is simple, everyday comes with a new deal with discounted price (just like the daily deals). So, if you miss out on a great deal today, you most definitely may not be seeing an exact replica of that deal, but you would be given an opportunity to make up for it with a wide assortment of other great deals!

Best of all is, Konga are offering free shipping to select goods ordered in the promo. Why don’t you get shopping! Browse through the Overdrive deals on Konga here. Happy discounted shopping! And Happy 3rd Birthday Konga!