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Innjoo Leap Devices – What You Need To Know

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innjoo leap et leap 2

Innjoo the Dubai based OEM behind the hugely popular Leap and Leap 2 devices which run on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 OS against the native Android OS most Chinese and new-comer OEMs invest in.
innjoo leap et leap 2
The Innjoo Leap and the Innjoo Leap 2 came about sometime last year with the first version – The innjoo leap being without a SIM card slot, the next re-vamped version called Innjoo Leap 2 still retaining the overall features of the first Leap device but with the inclusion of a SIM-Card slot. Not to forget that the Leap and Leap 2 are Windows Tablet with an 8″ screen.

The cameras of the Innjoo leap devices aren’t all that impressive, but it will pass because it’s a tablet and not a smartphone. The rear shooter is a 5.0MP while the front selfie shooter features a 2MP camera. The best part of the Innjoo leap is the huge 4,000mAh battery onboard.

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Let’s take a run-down of the key specs of the Innjoo Leap and Innjoo Leap 2.

Innjoo Leap and Innjoo Leap 2 Full Tech Specs

  • System – Windows Phone 8.1 OS
  • CPU – Intel BayTrail T-CR Z3735G Quad-Core
  • GPU – Intel® HD graphics
  • Memory – 1GB
  • Storage – 16GB
  • External Storage – 32GB
  • Screen Size – 8inch
  • Resolution – 800*1280 IPS
  • Touch Screen – Multi-Touch Capacitive Screen
  • Camera – Front camera 2MP, rear 5MP
  • Battery Capacity – 4000mAh Polyme battery
  • Recharge Type – Adapter or USB Cable
  • Charger Type – AC100-240V.50-60HZ Input, 5V, DC 2 A Output
    1. Connection

      2G – N/A(on Leap) (available on Leap 2)
      3G – N/A (on Leap) (available on Leap 2)
  • WiFi – R​T​L8723 (BT/WIFI)
  • Bluetooth – Bluetooth 4.0
  • SIM card – N/A (not available on Leap) (available on Leap 2)
  • Audio – 3.5 mm standard CTIA
  • Language – Arabic, English
  • Business – Office software, Skype
  • Color – Silver
  • Dimensions – 207.2*122.5*9 mm
  • Weight – 330g
  • Innjoo Leap devices are currently hot selling and are priced 19,500Naira and 25,000Naira respectively for the Leap and Leap 2 (WiFi only and SIM support versions of the tablet).

    If you are tired of using the regular Android OS for both smartphones and tablets, then you could opt to move to the number one business OS, Windows OS by getting one of the Innjoo Leap tablets of your choice.

    Best Phones To Buy In Nigeria 2015

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    Nigeria is Africa’s biggest money spenders, that’s why we get to see unknown OEMs coming down to Nigeria to establish to base before thinking of expanding to Europe, US and other continents and countries. We’ll be touching down the best phones to buy in Nigeria (February, March edition) 2015.

    P.S : The devices currently hottest selling in Nigeria are mostly mid-range devices from known OEMs like Tecno, Infinx, Innjoo in the country so expect the list to feature top sellers from these top brands.

    Buying A New Phone In Nigeria 2015

    Before you set-out on the journey to purchase a new device in Nigeria, you should consider a couple of things. Like say;

  • Your budget – Let’s say you don’t have an oil block or a money spitting occupation like politics, then you could opt for devices within your budget reach
  • Your working condition – Do you work in harsh working conditions? Heat, Water and co? Then you should opt for a rugged device. Yes?
  • How often do you use your device (for instance, I’m a very addicted mobile dude, so I’m basically on my device) if you are anything like me, then you should consider buying devices which are very durable you know.
  • Are you purchasing for someone? Say a wife or a girlfriend? Then a cute looking device should suffice right?
  • After considering your reasons for opting for a device, you’ll be left with the choice of the device to go for. Choice like we know is a pretty tactical issue. So here’s our list of the best smartphones to buy in Nigeria 2015.

    Apple iPhone 6
    The king of Apple’s smartphones at the moment and the heartthrob of most Nigerian ladies LOL. This 4.7″ device can make that Nigerian girl you’ve been dying for be yours (well that’s till a newer iPhone comes out anyways). Apple iPhone 6 sold over 10 million units in the first week of it’s launch so that tells you Nigerians really are pretty tech savvy ‘cos I’m pretty sure they ordered about 10,000units of the device ;). You can pick up your own iPhone 6 on Jumia if you’ve got around 200,000Naira to blow on a smartphone.

    You can buy any of these smartphones and more at Jumia, here.

    Infinix Hot
    The infinix hot like it’s name is currently selling hottt! The device is a pretty cheap device and retails at just about 14,500Naira though it could soon fly up to around 18,000Naira – all things being equal, so why don’t you pick up your own piece of the hot device from Jumia at just a paltry 14,500Naira?Buy Infinix Hot

    Tecno Phantom Z
    This Octa-core device is a worthy top-notch device and retails at about 57,000Naira on Jumia, so if you feel you need one of the device, you can opt for the device by clicking on the name of the device.

    Samsung Galaxy Series
    The Samsung Galaxy series are for those who don’t want to be join the crowd of Tecno, Innjoo and Infinix users, so if you feel that you don’t belong to the crew that need to use the Chinese OEM brands, you can opt for the most respected South Korean band-wagon and get yourself a Samsung Galaxy series. Some come pretty cheap, you can see them at anything around 15,000Naira. Use the device name to buy on Jumia.

    Innjoo Leap 2
    The Innjoo leap 2 is a powerful intel powered device, which is going away from the traditional Android OS on the dubia based OEM devices, the device is Windows Phone 8.1 based and is currently bubbling. Though it is actually a tablet, the Leap 2 is on this list because it had a ton of people requesting it, so here you go folks.

    There you have it, our very own miniature list of the best phones to buy in Nigeria this year 2015. The list would be updated months though, so sit back and check monthly.

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    N.B : There are affiliate links embedded in the posts, which would earn me a few commission for each purchase you make. Thank you :)

    Best Phones Of 2015? Here’s A List For You

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    2015 is in motion now and as expected, there are some crazy smartphones and devices with mad specifications, huge RAMS some as big as 4GB (higher than some average working PCs). Well, if you are looking for that smartphone with awesome specifications based on review (P.S : Both devices coming soon would be added to the list) then sit back and get ready for a bumpy ride.

    Best Phones Of 2015, which should You buy?

    There are a ton of awesome devices already ready to hit consumers and there are a ton soon to be released – say by March 1st when MWC would kick-off officially. So the big question is: Do you buy a 2014 beast or wait for a soon to be released 2015 beast? We’ll let you decide 😉

    So let’s take a peek at devices which are killing off competition based on AnTuTu scores and other criterias (In NO particular other, you decide which is best for you).

    ASUS Zenfone 2
    Asus Zenfone 2
    This beast is the first device to come with a 4GB of RAM, and is 2015 favourite at the moment. ASUS put much work into the device to make it stand out from the crowd. The Zenfone 2 boasts to support quick charge which can boost the battery charge to up to 60% in 30minutes (the battery power / capacity is 3,000mAh). The device supports dual cameras (5MP for selfies and 13MP on the rear). Not forgetting it’s Android 5.0 Lollipop based with ASUS ZenUI on board. The Zenfone 2 is a quad-core device.

    Apple iPhone 6
    Apple iPhone 6
    Apple’s flagship device the iPhone 6 landed and of course it was a hit like most Apple iPhones, and even saw the Cupertino based tech giant dethrone South Korea’s Samsung in profits coming from sales of the iPhone 6 and it’s big brother the iPhone 6 Plus. Apple’s iPhone 6 is built on a 64-bit architecture, Apple’s A8 processor on board and iOS 8 as well. The iPhone 6 is 4.7″ and features Apple’s Apple PAy which is currently trending in the NFC world.

    Samsung Galaxy S6
    samsung galaxy s6
    Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is currently among the hot topics in the tech and smartphones world, with news that the next-gen flagship device might come tagging along a 4GB RAM . Samsung Galaxy S6 is still going to be a beast whenever it launches, probably around March. So far, there’s different speculations about the device, so we’ll just leave the device alone till we see what’s up.

    Xiaomi Mi Note PRO
    Xiaomi Mi Note Pro
    Chinese OEM giant Xiaomi put in a ton of work in making this beast something to reckon with. The Xiaomi Mi Note Pro is one heck of mad device. Featuring 5.7″ making it a worthy phablet, the device has a 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM, not forgetting it’s based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 chipset.

    Meizu MX4 Pro

    Another worthy competitor from the Asian continent. The Meizu MX4 Pro setup with 3GB of RAM, Android OS, v4.4.4 (KitKat), Exynos 5 Octa 5430 chispet, Quad-core 2 CPU with GHz Cortex-A15 & quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A7 and Mali-T628 GPU and a fingerprint sensor. The tech behind this piece of gadget is just on a different level. Though the battery is non-removable if that matters to you.

    OnePlus One
    oneplus one
    It’s 2015 yeah I know, we should be looking forward to the OnePlus two not the OnePlus One anymore right? True, but the OnePlus One is a rather fascinating device which can still / is still a flagship killer. Launched in 2014 with the Flagship killer tagline, the OnePlus One features a 5.5-inch, full HD display. You’ll find a fast Snapdragon 801 processor running Cyanogen Mod software, which enhances Android with more customization and security options. The OnePlus One battery life is simply out of this world too, with at least 13-hours of battery life on continous usage, the OnePlus is and still will be forever remembered as the flagship killer.

    Are there better phones out there?

    As it stands now, there are a ton of phones being pushed out daily and more different brands with different features and on different platforms of smartphones would be hitting 2015 soon so most definitely, there are alot of other better phones coming with some already out. But who cares? These are our best bet of the best phones of 2015!

    Happy 270th Birthday Alessandro Volta, Here’s Your Doodle!

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    Alessandro volta

    The big G (Google) may have a lot of things to do and sites to index, craw, de-index and the likes everyday, but that doesn’t mean the techies behind the world’s number one search engine forget to honor Tech heroes like Alessandro Volta.
    Alessandro volta
    Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta (February 18, 1745 – March 5, 1827)on his Wikipidia page is described as the first scientist behind the electric battery – the Voltaic pile which he invented in 1799 and the results of which he reported in 1800 in a two part letter to the President of the Royal Society.

    Volta was born in Como, a town in present-day northern Italy (near the Swiss border) on February 18, 1745. In 1794, Volta married an aristocratic lady also from Como, Teresa Peregrini, with whom he raised three sons: Giovanni, Flaminio, and Zanino. His own father Filippo Volta was of noble lineage. His mother Donna Maddalena came from the family of the Inzaghis.[6]

    In 1774, he became a professor of physics at the Royal School in Como. A year later, he improved and popularized the electrophorus, a device that produced static electricity. His promotion of it was so extensive that he is often credited with its invention, even though a machine operating on the same principle was described in 1762 by the Swedish experimenter Johan Wilcke.[7][8] In 1777, he travelled through Switzerland. There he befriended H. B. de Saussure.

    In the years between 1776–78, Volta studied the chemistry of gases. He researched and discovered methane after reading a paper by Benjamin Franklin of United States on “flammable air”. In November 1776, he found methane at Lake Maggiore,[9] and by 1778 he managed to isolate methane.[10] He devised experiments such as the ignition of methane by an electric spark in a closed vessel. Volta also studied what we now call electrical capacitance, developing separate means to study both electrical potential (V ) and charge (Q ), and discovering that for a given object, they are proportional. This may be called Volta’s Law of capacitance, and it was for this work the unit of electrical potential has been named the volt.

    In 1779 he became a professor of experimental physics at the University of Pavia, a chair that he occupied for almost 40 years.

    In honor of his work, Volta was made a count by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1810.[2] His image was depicted on the Italian 10,000 lira note (no longer in circulation, since the euro has replaced the lira) along with a sketch of his voltaic pile.

    Volta retired in 1819 to his estate in Camnago, a frazione of Como, Italy, now named “Camnago Volta” in his honor. He died there on March 5, 1827.[13] Volta’s remains were buried in Camnago Volta.