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Transsion To Start Selling Smartphones In India

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The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Transssion (formerly Tecno Telecom),  is planning to launch its smartphone business in India effective in Q2 of 2016.

According to Gordon Zhang vice director of TeleAnalysis.

“Tecno will launch India operations in Q2, 2016 and launch smartphones.”

In the African market the company has been very active for last 9 years. During that time they have increased their market share thanks to a sound localization strategy.

“Once it launches India operations, the company is planning to go step wise. First, the focus is on getting supply chain to India. Second, make in India and sell in India. Third, focus is to make in India and sell to Africa. Fourth, is to make in India and sell to other emerging markets,”

“In 2014, Transsion did total sales of 46 million whereas in 2015 the company sold 59.2 million and in 2016 plans are to sell 80 million mobile phones,” said Zhang.

Established in July 2006 Transsion Holdings, is a high-tech enterprise concentrating in R&D, production, sale and service of smartphones and currently has a bundle of smartphone brands – iTel, Tecno, Carlcare and Infinix.

The firm has bureaus in Nigeria, Dubai, Tanzania, Kenya, Becesngal and Cameroon and has a plant in Ethiopia, apart from a plant in China. The Ethiopia factory has around 1,000 employees and exports smartphones to Nigeria, Angola and Tanzania. In China, Transsion assemblies 300 thousand smartphones per day.

The company Transsion Holding not only makes smartphones but they also make tablet, lightning, accessories and home appliances.


DOOGEE Launches New Product With Android 6.0

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DOOGEE with many years of experience in making smartphones and communication devices launched a new product labeled the “Y300”. Loaded with Android 6.0 this smartphones promises features like
Theme of Y300 2.5
D Dual-sided Glass Perfect Match Android 6.0 UI
There phones range from 50 dollars to 120 dollars, and they come with  plenty of extra functionalities like, smart buttons, back touch  panels etc..

They also announced that the modern Y300 will be released in the  middle of December.

Windows 10 Is Forcing Itself Onto Your PC And No You Can’t Stop It.

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If you have Windows 7 or Windows 8 you probably have noticed all the prompts and emails advising you to upgrade to Windows 10. Following two months of launching the upgrade Microsoft has admitted to automatically trying to install itself onto your PC.

So what’s going on? As indicated by Microsoft the flaw lies with a bug in a automatic update it started launching to Windows 7 and Windows 8 clients in August which set off the attempted auto installations. Microsoft didn’t tell which particular update it was, however affirmed it left error code “0×80240020” (now recorded as ‘080240020’) in Windows log files when the update eventually failed.

Back in September Microsoft confessed to downloading Windows 10 onto every Windows 7 and Windows 8 system. Then in October when these downloads stated installing without the users permission Microsoft stated that it was an “accident”. Now this “accident” has been confirmed as a secret test as Microsoft has come forward and stated that upgrades to Windows 10 aare about to take place sometime next year in 2016.
As the upgrades all happened quietly and out of sight, those affected would only know once they restarted their PC. For those PCs where the upgrade started but then failed in the background (evidently a high extent of them did) they’d be unaware without checking their installation history in the middle of August and November

Now Windows 10 has been re-classed as an “Optional” update for Windows 7 and 8. Users who have automatic updates enabled will find that the Windows 10 installation process will begin automatically and they will need to manually cancel it to avoid upgrading.

“Depending upon your Windows Update settings, this may cause the upgrade process to automatically initiate on your device,”

– Terry Myerson, Windows and Devices Group Executive Vice President

In early 2016 Microsoft will reclassify windows 10 as a “recommended update. If you are PC savvy then you know that “Recommended” updates are downloaded and installed automatically in windows 7 and 8. This means the vast majority of users will find Windows 10 on their machines when they boot up or restart their systems.

I tried to rollback Windows 10 to Windows 7 on my PC and the process did not work. I had to reformat and reinstall Windows 7. Windows 10 is forcing itself onto your PC and no you can’t stop it.

ProtonMail Pays $6,000 Ransom To Stop DDOS Attacks, Gets Taken Out By DDoS Anyway

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A supplier of end-to-end scrambled email said it paid a payoff of just about $6,000 to stop exceptionally propelled disavowal of-administration assaults that thumped its systems, and the systems of some of its upstream suppliers, disconnected from the net.

In a blog entry distributed Thursday, authorities of Switzerland-based ProtonMail said they “grudgingly agreed” to pay 15 bitcoins, which at current valuations came to about $5,850 USD to the assailants in return for them stopping the DDOS strike. Indeed, even in the wake of paying the total, the crippling assaults proceeded. However at the time the blog entry was being written, the attacks had died down. The payment installment is creating challenge from commentators who say it will just empower more assaults. ProtonMail authorities said:

We hoped that by paying, we could spare the other companies impacted by the attack against us, but the attacks continued nevertheless. Attacks against infrastructure continued throughout the evening and in order to keep other customers online, our ISP was forced to stop announcing our IP range, effectively taking us offline. The attack disrupted traffic across the ISP’s entire network and got so serious that the criminals who extorted us previously even found it necessary to write us to deny responsibility for the second attack.

The battle started not long after 12 pm on Tuesday, when ProtonMail got a blackmail email from a gathering of crooks said to be in charge of a series of DDoS assaults crosswise over Switzerland in the course of recent weeks. The message was soon trailed by an appropriated disavowal of-administration assault that went on for around 15 minutes. The assault continued at 11am that day and was at that point demonstrating “an uncommon level of refinement.” By 2pm, the surge of garbage movement came to volumes of 100 gigabits for each second and started focusing on ProtonMail’s datacenter and upstream suppliers, incorporating switches in Zurich, Frankfurt, and different areas where the ISP has hubs.

“This planned ambush on key foundation in the end figured out how to cut down both the datacenter and the ISP, which affected many different organizations, not simply ProtonMail.”

The blog entry went ahead to say:

Through MELANI (a division of the Swiss federal government), we exchanged information with other companies who have also been attacked and made a few discoveries. First, the attack against ProtonMail can be divided into two stages. The first stage is the volumetric attack which was targeting just our IP addresses. The second stage is the more complex attack which targeted weak points in the infrastructure of our ISPs. This second phase has not been observed in any other recent attacks on Swiss companies and was technically much more sophisticated. This means that ProtonMail is likely under attack by two separate groups, with the second attackers exhibiting capabilities more commonly possessed by state-sponsored actors. It also shows that the second attackers were not afraid of causing massive collateral damage in order to get at us.

At present, ProtonMail’s infrastructure is still vulnerable to attacks of this magnitude, but we have a comprehensive long term solution which is already being implemented. Protecting against a highly sophisticated attack like the second one which was launched against us requires sophisticated solutions as we also need to protect our datacenter and upstream providers. Cost estimates for these solutions are around $100,000 per year since there are few service providers able to fight off an attack of this size and sophistication. These solutions are expensive and take time to implement, but they will be necessary because it is clear that online privacy has powerful opponents. In order to cover these costs, we are collecting donations for a ProtonMail defense fund.

The battle started not long after 12 pm on Tuesday, when ProtonMail got a blackmail email from a gathering of hackers said to be in charge of a series of DDoS assaults crosswise over Switzerland in the course of recent weeks. The message was soon trailed by an appropriated disavowal of-administration assault that went on for around 15 minutes. The assault continued at 11am that day and was at that point demonstrating “an uncommon level of refinement.” By 2pm, the surge of garbage movement came to volumes of 100 gigabits for each second and started focusing on ProtonMail’s datacenter and upstream suppliers, incorporating switches in Zurich, Frankfurt, and different areas where the ISP has hubs.

“This planned ambush on key foundation in the end figured out how to cut down both the datacenter and the ISP, which affected many different organizations, not simply ProtonMail.”

The blog entry went ahead to say:

Kenya Has Postponed The World’s First Versatile Cash Government Bond

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Barely a month prior, Kenyan powers hailed what they said would be the world’s first government bond sold just on cellular telephones, the M-Akiba bond.

The security—accessible to clients in a nation understood for its adoration for portable cash administrations like M-Pesa in additions as little as 3,000 shillings (about $30)— was to be propelled a week ago, giving Kenyan families beforehand estimated out of the security showcase an opportunity to spare and contribute. Rather, authorities have put off the item inconclusively.

“We are holding up to perceive how rates in the business sector act before we set a suitable date,” Henry Rotich, Kenya’s National Treasury Cabinet Secretary, told The Nation. Freedom issues with the Nairobi Securities Exchange may postpone the dispatch further.

The deferral is another impression of Kenya’s budgetary inconveniences—a powerless shilling, a falling securities exchange, and progressively costly obligation. A 20-billion-shilling one-year security a week ago sold at a loan cost of 22.95%. Business banks are charging borrowers as much as 28% on their credits, while others are seeing rates of around 12%.

Financing costs have been pushed high as the administration raises benchmark getting expenses to ensure the shilling and gets intensely to manage subsidizing shortages.Kenya is attempting to raise an aggregate of around 220 billion Kenyan shillings (paywall) in 2015. The National Treasury is attempting to get 80 billion shillings in syndicated advances from nearby banks.

Provinces, state funded schools, and other taxpayer driven organizations have all grumbled around a money crunch that has been aggravated by poor duty accumulation and lack of fore

Kangaroo The Amazing $99 Windows 10 Portable PC

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Kangaroo The Amazing $99 Windows 10 Portable PC


Today a Company called InFocus rolled out the “Kangaroo”. Not the marsupial from Australia that we all know and love. But a $99 Windows 10 portable PC that “goes anywhere and works with any screen.” The phrase “mobile desktop” isn’t a new one and has been around for some time now. However unlike those bulky mobile PC’s this PC is a truly mobile PC. The Kangaroo is about the size of a smartphone and just like any old desktop you still need a keyboard, mouse, monitor as well as some additional ports.

The Kangaroo is available on Newegg now, and will go on sale at the Microsoft Store by mid-November.

Kangaroo is made up of a black satin aluminum case and is powered by an Intel Cherrytrail (Z8500) SOC,. It has 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage (only about 18GB is free when you first start it (because of Windows 10, but storage is expandable via a microSD card), and an on-board battery (up to four hours of “casual use”). I wonder what they consider casual use?

With the separate Kangaroo Dock you get an HDMI port as well as two USB ports. You can also change out for future docks.


Windows Hello (the finger print reader on the side) allows you to log in without the need for a pin or password. It is fast and simple to set up. With just a few taps your finger print is saved and no more passwords (yay). You can just press your finger on the reader and access your PC.


Due to the video connection using HDMI the sound requires no setup and will work right away. If you have used a modern TV you are probably familiar with how this works.

The built in Wifi works great as long as you have a strong signal.

“Kangaroo is the first product to allow you to use the same PC for all applications, in any environment,” Lawrence Yen, director of Kangaroo product marketing, said in a statement. “Unlike stick PCs and other pocket PCs, Kangaroo works with all of your existing devices and can be docked at home or tossed in your bag to use anywhere, powering and providing Windows 10 access on the go. You can access any file, any time without worrying about access to a network, upload and download times or file corruption. With its power, capacity and features, Kangaroo will change the definition of mobile computing.”


In short this is defiantly worth the $99 USD price tag.

RIAA To Pandora “That Will Be $90 million for playing pre-1972 songs”

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Pandora Logo
Web radio organization Pandora has consented to pay the RIAA $90 million over spouting of pre-1972 tunes, which aren’t secured under government copyright however are secured by state-level copyrights in territories including New York and California.

It’s the second huge installment that will go to the Recording Industry Association of America, which has effectively won a $210 million settlement with SiriusXM satellite radio over the same issue.

The settlement covers Pandora’s past plays of pre-1972 music, and it likewise covers the music administration through the end of 2016. Around then, Pandora will need to reach another permitting manage the RIAA in the event that it needs to continue playing the old music.

The two gatherings keep on being occupied with a debate at the Copyright Royalty Board about the amount Pandora ought to pay per melody. The settlement reported today doesn’t influence that question, which is progressing.

“Pandora is eager to have discovered determination with these record names,” said Pandora CEO Brian McAndrews in an announcement. “We sought after this settlement keeping in mind the end goal to advance the discussion and keep on cultivating a superior, synergistic association with the marks.”

“Real settlements with SiriusXM and now Pandora implies that a notable era of specialists and the names that upheld them will be paid for the utilization of their inventive works,” said RIAA Chairman and CEO Cary Sherman. “That is a critical turning point and a major win for the music group.”

Pandora and Sirius were both sued over pre-1972 tunes by the RIAA in 2013. They additionally face implied class-activity prosecution brought by individuals from a 1960s band called The Turtles. The RIAA soon caught up with its own claims. After key legitimate decisions in the RIAA’s support, both organizations have consented to settle.

Prior this week, an Illinois couple who claimed a few recording organizations in the 1950s and 1960s documented their own claim over pre-1972 melodies against Pandora, SiriusXM, and iHeartRadio. That claim looks for installment under New Jersey normal law.

Your Facebook App Sucks, Battery Life That Is.

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FACEBOOK’s app had been under pressure for draining the life out of our iPhones. Even after it wasn’t running, and even with iOS 9’s new regard for sparing your battery life, Facebook’s app was depleting iPhone batteries all over the place.

Today Facebook, tended to the issue in a column from Engineering Manager Ari Grant. Grant says a portion of the issue was the CPU in the application’s system code: “A CPU spin is like a child in a car asking, ‘Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?’ Are we there yet?’ with the inquiry not bringing about any advancement to the arrival to the destination. Facebook additionally confessed to fumbling sound sessions, as was alleged. In the event that you watch a video on Facebook and afterward leave the application, the sound session just continues going, depleting battery life.

Grant says Facebook has redesigned its application, and these things have been tended to. So go re-download your Facebook application ASAP. Praise those additional seconds, minutes, perhaps hours of battery life before you tie yourself to a Lightning Cable, Car Charger, or Outlet.

The iPhone 6S: Whats So Different About It?

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This go round Apple has decided to go back to it’s roots. Apple has decided that the iPhone 6s should have an all aluminum back with rounded edges. A design we haven’t seen with Apple since 2007. In my humble opinion it was much needed as aluminum doesn’t scratch easily and is very simple to and easy to keep clean. Also Apple has decided to stick with phone sizes 4 inches and below to improve us-ably. Something we didn’t see in the iPhone 6+.

3D Touch

Multi-touch has been a feature that has around since 2007 when the first iPhone came out. It was the ability to pitch the screen with two fingers and zoom in or out. After that is has been a feature in every smart phone built ever since. With 3D Touch pushing rapidly but firmly into the home-screen now causes a new stylish transparent menu to appear over that icon, letting you select between various choices. These let you jump directly into the section of the app you want from the home-screen itself. But this is just the beginning, and relatively boring compared to what 3D Touch allows for inside of apps.

Touch ID

Apple presented their unique fingerprint reader when the iPhone 5S came out in 2013. Rather than requiring a four or more digit password to enter the phone, TouchID allowed Apple to coordinate a unique fingerprint scanner into the home button—permitting you to wake your gadget and enter it with only one tap. A large number of the competitors like Samsung’s most recent phones have made up for lost time and added unique fingerprint sensors to their telephones also. The iPhone 6S one-ups the opposition by making it almost instant.

Hey Siri

The iPhone 6S utilizes improvements to Apple’s M9 processor to keep the gadget continually listening for the expression “Hey Siri,” so you no longer need to long press the home button on your new iPhone to get to Apple’s computerized aide. “Hey Siri” is likewise accessible to more established iPhone clients when their device has been upgraded to iOS 9 and remain plugged in via a charging cord. So now won’t all iPhones sound off when somebody says “Hey Siri” in crowd? Short answer is “NO”, iOS 9 suggest you to “train” Siri to recognize your voice.


The iPhone 6S now includes an 12 megapixel camera. A step up from the 8 megapixel camera in the iPhone 6. Also the front facing camera has been upgraded to 5 megapixels from 1.2 in the iPhone 6.

iOS 9

There are numerous new elements that come standard with iOS now in the most recent upgrade called iOS 9. To such an extent that it’s verging on meriting its own post which I may give later on. However, there a couple of new features here that significantly influence buying the new iPhone 6S.

For starers the App Switcher 3D Touch Gesture and Live Photos are 6S-specific iOS 9 features. They have even included a “Back To” your previous app feature as well “which was much needed in my option”.


The iPhone 6S like all other iPhones that came before it aren’t cheap. The phones starts at $650 USD but Apple does make it affordable for most people by offering The Apple Upgrade Program. A program that lets you get the newest iPhone for $32 a month. It comes with AppleCare (usually costs $130 on its own), the gadget is opened and clients can move up to the new iPhone every year in the event that they give back the past one. Some may lean toward their bearers renting projects or purchasing the telephone out and out. In spite of the fact that it could be financially savvy for Apple clients who know which telephone they are moving up to every year.

If you are interested in purchasing the IPhone 6S click here to head over to Amazon and read the reviews there as-well.

Tecno Launches the Phantom 5

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World pioneer in the double sim versatile handset business, TECNO, has propelled its latest Flagship Phone, the TECNO Phantom 5 notwithstanding its advanced cell range.

The name “Phantom” has been synonymous with the TECNO Brand in Ghana since the Phantom A was propelled in 2013.

The TECNO Phantom item range has developed throughout the years from Phantom A to Phantom A+ to Phantom AIII and after that the Phantom Z.

The most recent lead, the Phantom 5 brags of a 4G Network, a 3gigabyte RAM + 32gigabyte capacity, unique mark ID: comfort, quick and precise, you don’t have to set a secret key to ensure your security, you will no more stress over overlooking your watchword, in 0.7 seconds you can open the telephone.

The Phantom 5 accompanies a 5.5inch full HD substantial screen; a 8MP front camera +flash light, wide edge; 13MP+Dual blaze back camera.

TECNO Mobile has amid the year likewise brought some inventive items into the business sector; key among them are our tablets with the Winpad 10 windows empowered tablet standing out took after by the DroiPad 8 and DroiPad 7 tablets.

TECNO additionally presented the Camon reach or C scope of telephones which were intended for pictures that breath life into articles. There is the Camon C8 that is intended to catch flawless pictures even with low light and the C5 which what’s more is 4G empowered.

The Music telephones called the Boom extend, the Boom J7 and the Boom J5 both of which have the Boom player offer access to free downloads and intensifiers for both the full metal headphones and the telephone speakers.

TECNO Ghana has extended its dissemination system to incorporate online deals at the TECNO site at furthermore as a team with Jumia.

Tecno Phantom 5 accompanies 6GB information for 6 months from MTN.