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Samsung Galaxy O Model Devices Could Be Coming Soon

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Samsung Galaxy O5

Samsung mobile has literally used half of the English alphabets in naming their devices. From Galaxy A series down to Z series (A, E, J, K, S, V, Z) now it seems the giant mobile maker is planning to add alphabet O to it’s line-up.

While Samsung’s naming scheme tends not to actually follow an alphabetical arrangement order, Samsung flagships are listed under the S series – Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and the likes, next in line are the A series – Galaxy A5, Galaxy A7, and the likes, the lowest in the alphabetical naming scheme are the J – J3, J5, etc. There’s also the Z family, housing the Tizen devices. Other alphabets in their portfolio are the K series, which are a camera hybrid, the V seies which are entry-level smartphones, and a tablet with the alphabet W.

With the O series coming, we are curious were these new set of devices would fall under in the complicated Samsung hierarchy. We hear the said devices would be dubbed Galaxy O5 and Galaxy O7, but there’s no word out on the specs of the device, so we can’t categorically tell if we are looking at entry level devices or a new set of flagships.

IFA 2015 is coming up in a few weeks, so we might just be getting some official info about the two mysterious O devices from Sammy.